Irene Sterian, P.Eng.


Celestica Inc., Director of Technology and Innovation
REMAP Network, Founder, President & CEO


  • 1985 – B.A.Sc., Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto


  • Founder, President & CEO, REMAP Network (2014 – Present)
  • Director, Technology & Innovation, Celestica (1993 – Present)
  • Staff Engineer & Team Lead, IBM (1985 – 1993)


  • National Research Council (NRC), Advanced Electronics & Photonics Advisory Board
  • Natural Sciences Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Computing Hardware for Emerging Intelligent Sensory Applications
  • NSERC Committee on Research & Partnerships
  • NSERC Photovoltaic Innovation Network
  • International Conference for Electronics Enabling Technologies Advisory
  • International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI)
  • IPC Association, Connecting Electronics Industries


  • Professional Engineers of Ontario
  • Surface Mount Technology Association
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers


  • Digital Inclusion Challenge Hackathon, McMaster Team Mentor
  • Active Lives Day Program, Adults with Disabilities Advisor
  • Celestica Women’s Collaboration Council Member
  • SMTA Student Mentor


The world is experiencing an unprecedented shift in how we will work, live and play. Building a rewarding engineering career over the past 30+ years has provided me with professional growth and inspiring career opportunities to solve today’s industry challenges. I am passionate about mentoring and sharing the benefit of this profession. I have been a proud member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario since 1989 and the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers since 2011. In 2019, it was my great honour to receive the Ontario Professional Engineers Awards Medal for Management from these two organizations.

Engineers are tomorrow’s leaders, and technology is the roadmap for innovation. My goal is to inspire our engineering community to be transformational leaders – entrepreneurs, building new companies, and intrapreneurs making a difference at multinational organizations. I am passionate about the power of collaboration. In 2014, I founded REMAP, a $50Million not-for-profit organization formed to strengthen Canada’s manufacturing ecosystem. At REMAP, we leverage the strengths and synergies of Canada’s public and private stakeholders (government, research institutions, academia and companies of all sizes). In collaboration with international partners around the world, we build robust supply chains to bring new technologies to market – faster.

Engineers play an essential role in making the world a better place – start locally but think globally. This is critical as the global market navigates both an economic and healthcare crisis. Knowing how to pivot quickly, create new connections, and leverage technology are the keys to succeed in the new economy. I want to bring forward the values of continuous learning to achieve this. Long after completing my engineering degree, more than ever before, I remain dedicated to raising the bar for Ontario’s engineering talent, attracting multinational companies to this region, and building a vibrant global technology hub for our future.