Oliver Xiao, P.Eng.


Technical Services Engineer, RMCAO


B.A.Sc. in Civil Engineering, University of Ottawa


  • Technical Services Representative, RMCAO (2019 – 2020)
  • Operation Coordinator, Dufferin (2017 – 2019)
  • Technical Service Coordinator, CRH Canada (2015 – 2018)


Chair, OSPE Infrastructure Task Force
Member, Industry working groups advocating for construction best practices


  • PEO, 2016 – Present


  • OSPE Representative, PEO AWC
  • Board Director/Committee Chair, PEO Chapter
  • ACI Member


I am extremely honored to be nominated for the opportunity to serve on OSPE Board. Ontario’s professional engineer community needs a powerful voice and strong advocacy body to promote and advance our profession. We need to ensure that our profession holds an essential role in our society and its development. The current lack of professional presence and consultation on major projects and government regulations is causing significant delays and financial setback.

Professional engineers play an important role in our society to ensure public safety, environmental sustainability and balanced growth. I currently work for a provincial industry association where I often act as an intermediate between the industry and government agencies. This gives me a province-wide perspective on government policies and engineering standards across the regions. My work experiences provided me a coherent understanding of the challenges and opportunities for our profession to excel.

As an immigrant myself, I resonate with internationally trained engineering graduates for the challenges they experience on their journey to licensing. OSPE acts as a platform where resources are offered to those who want to find an engineering job or to be licensed in Ontario. I will motion for additional programs and trainings to be made available.

On OSPE and PEO relationship, I believe both associations need to find the right regulatory and advocacy balance for their respective roles. I strongly believe that OSPE must continue its great work in the advocacy efforts and strengthen that role by engaging more member participations. OSPE also needs to actively advocate PEO to improve and conduct its regulatory role more efficiently to enhance public recognition of our profession.

Being an active volunteer with various professional associations, I first started at my local PEO chapter where I learned about PEO’s governance and organization structure. Adding to my current roles at OSPE, I have a clear picture of the challenges that the two associations are facing. With my unique involvement and experiences in both organizations, I believe I am an ideal candidate for the OSPE board.

Once elected, I will work hard to elevate professional engineers’ role in Ontario. I will promote diversity and enhance the public image of our profession. Let’s make our profession greater and stronger together!