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Excess Soil and Working Across Disciplines

Author: Dave Carnegie, P.Eng.

OSPE has been advocating for regulatory changes to excess soil for years. Engineers have been calling on the government to ensure that soil is treated as a resource and not as waste. Since the announcement of the new regulation in December, 2019, Dave Carnegie has participated on an Ontario Environmental Industry Association working group developing a best management practice for qualified persons regarding the new regulation and rules, and an OSPE working group that is preparing a scientific review paper and best management practice for placement of excess soil in pits and quarries; both documents are anticipated to be released in 2021. Dave Carnegie is a partner and senior environmental engineering with Malroz Engineering Inc. He has been a member of the Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks Excess Soils Engagement Group since 2016. In 2020, he was appointed to the OSPE board of directors and is passionate about engineers finding their voice to help lead our communities through the complex challenges we face, as problem solvers and ambassadors for science and technology.