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Understanding Your Identity and Approaching Balance

Author: Kinia Romanowska

Discover some of the challenges and opportunities of juggling parenthood and career transitions - a journey that can feel isolating and overwhelming to many. This video explores how new parents can use this unique period of change as a leadership opportunity to reassess their priorities, renegotiate partnerships at home and set up a concrete strategy and plan to create long-term success in their careers and family life. Kinia Romanowska is a well-traveled award-winning journalist turned entrepreneur, maternity leave strategist, and working mom whisperer. A wife and mom of two, she is the founder of Pros&Babes and host of the MoMBA, Canada's only 360-leadership and personal development program designed for the busy, ambitious mom. She helps brainy, perfectionist moms make leaps and bounds in career, finances and family happiness. Passionate about making sure the next generation doesn't experience the "motherhood penalty”, she is known for her work with women who are pursuing careers in high-demanding fields like STEM, diplomacy and finance. Kinia is a sought-after facilitator and speaker for public institutions, including Foreign Affairs Canada, and STEM networks, including APEGA and SWE, and media.