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Disruptive Innovation

Author: Dr. Olga Brouckova, PMP

In this interactive webinar, Olga Brouckova will walk you through the thought process behind disruptive innovation that creates solutions for consumers who were previously shut out of opportunities and guides engineers in designing simpler, cheaper and more convenient options. You will learn how to recognize this type of innovation and how it may sooner or later disrupt your company or industry. You will walk away with tips to turn change into opportunities to improve your career prospects and better meet the needs of customers. Speaker: Dr. Olga Brouckova, PMP Olga Brouckova is a business professor at Seneca and Sheridan Colleges who partners with CEOs and executives that are looking to kickstart growth. Leveraging academic research and business management frameworks, she draws a bigger picture of a company’s environment and recommends new growth opportunities—new markets or simpler, cheaper and more convenient products.