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Mental Health in Engineering Webinar

Author: OSPE

Engineering is characterized by its rigour, emphasis on productivity, resiliency, and hard work. Only in recent years, after seeing the impact of this on engineering students and graduates, have institutions began to shift their narratives to include an emphasis on mental health. Today, as the world experiences the stress, isolation, anxiety, and other effects of a global pandemic, the focus on mental health has become even larger. As employers, educators, advocates, and leaders look at how to overcome this mental health challenge, they deal with both barriers and opportunities to support their staff/students through difficult times. The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) in collaboration with Spin Master and the University of Toronto, hosted a panel discussion focused on mental health in engineering, its importance, the challenges of addressing it in workplace settings or institutions, and the opportunity to create a robust response to mental health that prioritizes empathy and de-stigmatizes mental health challenges across the engineering sector.