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Value Management In Action

Author: Rakesh Shreewastav, P.ENG., VMA, FEC and Mike Pearsall, P.ENG. CVS, FEC

Value Methodology also known as Value Engineering (VE) or the Value Management (VM) is a systematic and function-based approach to improving the value of products, projects, or processes. It uses a combination of creative and analytical techniques to identify alternative ways to achieve objectives. Value Management involves a team of people following a structured process. The process helps team members communicate across boundaries, understand different perspectives, innovate, and analyze. Speakers: Rakesh Shreewastav, P.ENG., VMA, FEC Rakesh currently works for Metrolinx, an agency of the Government of Ontario. Previously, he worked for the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario for over 13 years. Rakesh has also served on the board of Engineers Canada and was appointed to the board of The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited (FBCL), as part of the Governor in Council (GIC) appointments made by the Government of Canada. Mike Pearsall, P.ENG. CVS, FEC Mike is one of the few Certified Value Specialists (CVS) in Canada and currently works for the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario. He currently serves as the President of SAVE International. Due to his many student outreach volunteer activities, Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) has made him a member of the Order of Honour, and he has been named a Fellow of Engineers Canada.