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Strategic Management Shifts

Author: Geoff Sheffrin, P.Eng., C.Eng.

This video speaks to how strategy is a well-developed tool used widely in business and organizations. However, as things progress, there are a couple of enhancements to the process which are very worthwhile to add. Geoff Sheffrin is a Professional Engineer with expansive experience in management and consulting. A graduate in mechanical and manufacturing engineering with a post graduate diploma in human sciences, licensed to practice in various jurisdictions including Europe. During his career, he has held many senior positions including President of a nutraceutical company, Senior V. P. of Operations of a large food and beverage conglomerate and Executive Engineering Director and General Manager of a large pharmaceutical operations group. His consulting experience as a Principal and owner spans over 20 years in areas such as process, manufacturing, technical and strategic management mostly in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the food industry. Find out more at