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Engineering in the Healthcare Industry


OSPE's Kingston Exchange Hub hosted a discussion on 'Engineering in the Healthcare Industry'. In this session, Anne Vivian-Scott, MBA, P.Eng. discussed how engineering professionals play key roles in helping to drive health care forward by creating and developing hardware and software to innovate, support and enhance operation processes, systems and supplies. Speaker: Anne Vivian-Scott, MBA, P.Eng., President and CEO, Kinarm. Ms. Vivian-Scott’s 25 years in professional practice has led her in fields as diverse as engineering construction to corporate finance. The majority of her career has been occupied by the challenging task of commercializing university-based research discoveries into meaningful products and services. Ms. Vivian-Scott has a B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering (Waterloo) and MBA (Concordia). She holds a seat on the Ontario Brain Institute’s Industry Advisory Council.