Eligibility/Selection Criteria: 

1.) The nominee must a member in good standing of OSPE who has demonstrated exceptional effort towards building a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive engineering community. The nominee must demonstrate having advanced EDI in one or more of the following areas: 

  • Issue awareness & advocacy: The nominee shows considerable effort in advancing knowledge and education with the objective of generating awareness of barriers, opportunities, and solutions towards achieving diversity and inclusion through peer networks, social media channels, published works)
  • Programs & tools: The nominee has developed a program or tool that contributes to a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive profession. 
  • Relationship building & support: The nominee engages with underrepresented members of the engineering community to provide mentorship/sponsorship and support to increase their success within the profession.
  • Diversity & inclusion leadership: The nominee has demonstrated outstanding inclusive leadership, advancing members of underrepresented communities by implementing inclusive policies, programs, and procedures. 
  • Other: The nominee advances EDI through other mechanisms within their workplaces or communities.   

2.) The Diversity and Inclusion Award will be based on nomination by 1 OSPE member or self-nomination to reduce barriers and increase diversity of outcomes. 

3.) A nominee is exempt from supporting any other nomination for this award.

4.) There must be more than one nominee for an award to be given.

Submitting Your Nomination: 

Nomination forms must be submitted on OSPE (awardsplatform.com) 

Any questions on the nomination forms please e-mail to: awards@ospe.on.ca

All forms must be received on or before Monday, January 23, 2023 by 4:00pm.
Nominations submitted after the deadline will not be considered.  


Nominations will be reviewed by the OSPE Awards Committee (OAC) which will be required to have at least one representative from the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. OAC’s recommendation will go to the Board of Directors for final review and approval.