Ankita Ankita 

Technical Support as a Service Manager

What does your job or volunteer work consist of?  

We have clients that provide technical support for software. We mainly investigate technical support for the organization’s clients. I also look into the IT development and automation. I deal with anything related to device or software issues. My role is to look through different channels that the client has set and try to develop or how we can automate channel interactions.  

How do you apply engineering knowledge and principles to your job or volunteer work?  

Now it is more business-related role that I moved into. However, before this role, one of my clients had a specific need to resolve customer issues and the way that were interacting with customers was through a phone channel, and I present ideas that deal with customer interactions and my Engineering knowledge did help me with that.  

Why are you an OSPE member/why do you think the work OSPE does is important?

I originally joined because OSPE had minimal exposure within my school and the exchange hubs were also first starting around the same. There was a representative (Jaismine) that came and recommended the program to Ryerson engineering students and I applied and became a member on the hub. After more than two years on this hub I think OSPE’s work is very important because it provides many resources for engineers to network, learn courses, attend events, and join other initiatives within the organization. 

What issues in the profession are most important to you?

I think overall, coordination should be emphasized on. Positive work environment that curate’s good leadership is also very important to me. Especially in the IT field and having an edge over technology and improve online facilities would be relevant to me and the profession. If OSPE could enlighten on the work that they do as an organization and have specific campaigns and focus on internationally trained students that would be helpful for individuals like me in the future.  

What advice would you give your younger self?  

I would say be more vigilant, try to be more focused. Now I am realizing that when I was young, I wanted to learn everything. Rather than being the jack of all trades, it’s better to always have one thing in mind and focus on that.