Ismail Barakat, P.Eng.

Operations Manager

What does your job or volunteer work consist of?  

At IVY, I help organizations build their electromobility strategy and network of EV chargers to help accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices. I also build, operate, and maintain Ontario’s biggest EV network in northern regions, supported by two of the biggest utility companies in the province. As a Volunteer in the Energy Task Force, I help shape government policy by providing nonpartisan professional advice related to energy generation, transfer, and storage including renewable energy policy.

How do you apply engineering knowledge and principles to your job or volunteer work?  

As an Industrial Engineer, I optimize the network of EV chargers to defeat range anxiety, this is one of the main roadblocks to electromobility adoption. With my engineering background and operations research, I apply economic and technical principles to build, operate and maintain a connected EV charging network. As a volunteer, I use my knowledge to influence government policies, with so many initiatives related to climate actions, transportation is considered the highest contribution to climate change. I study those policies and provide my opinion on the effectiveness and practicality of application.

Why are you an OSPE member/why do you think the work OSPE does is important?

I am very proud of my engineering impact on society, I believe OSPE is the engineering lens for sound advice to Ontario, it helps me view policy and connects like-minded professionals to debate key issues in a respectable nonpartisan forum. I am honored to be part of the energy task force as a subject matter expert and understand that the power of networking with other engineers can be far more important than any single individual.

What issues in the profession are most important to you?

Effective spending of government to transition to cleaner forms of transportation. Also building the EV network that is reliable and future-proof. Currently, the technology is in its early development, I work to improve it and offer it to the public who don’t necessarily understand technical solutions for EV charging. Having practical experience building those projects help me provide feedback to policymakers

What advice would you give your younger self?  

Be proud of being an Engineer, the journey of life has many roads, take the one that you will be comfortable with its gains and pains. And never give up. You choose to immigrate and change your well-paid job to come and build a community in Canada, Help others to achieve their dreams by being an example of integrity, professionalism, and continuous learning.