Committee/Task Force Ambassador


OSPE Committees and Task Forces are struck by the Board to carry out several functions. Ambassadors participate in committees to research issues and make policy or program recommendations.

OSPE Committees/Task Forces include:

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Infrastructure
  • Research and Innovation


Committee/Task Force Objectives:

  1. To conduct research on topics of interest or expertise amongst the engineering community
  2. To create policy recommendations based on sound research and expertise
  3. To engage the larger OSPE membership and other stakeholders in advocacy activities
  4. To nominate OSPE members for awards to recognize their work


All OSPE volunteer opportunities are only open to OSPE members.

Members of OSPE’s Advocacy Committees and Task Forces will be selected by the Chair based on:

  • Experience, knowledge and passion for subject matter
  • Willingness to commit to the initiatives and time requirements of the Committee or Task Force
  • Relevant involvement, connections, and professional networks
  • Prior positive volunteer experience with OSPE, and/or prior volunteer experience

Time Commitment:

Committee/Task Force membership is for a three-year term, at the discretion of the Chair.

Monthly hour-long conference calls and/or quarterly in-person meetings

Full day All-Committees workshop in June each year to develop initiatives


  • Make important networking contacts
  • Develop new skills
  • Work on important issues
  • Make a positive impact within the engineering profession
  • Training


Upon acceptance to an OSPE Committee/Task Force, the Board Relations Coordinator (BRC) will provide you with an OSPE Volunteer Handbook, Committee/Task Force handbook, minutes from previous meetings and access to the SharePoint site.

The BRC will schedule a call with you in order to discuss the orientation materials and address any questions you may have.

Challenges of the Position:

Some timelines are limited and turnaround times for feedback are limited.

Boundaries of the Position:

Individual Ambassadors cannot set or change OSPE policies and programs.


Board Relations Coordinator

  • Minute-taking and distribution of minutes
  • Developing meeting agendas with the Chair
  • Arranging Committee/Task Force meetings, inviting members to the meetings, and providing agenda and any relevant materials in advance of the meeting
  • Tracking attendance and flagging deadlines and issues such as inactive or unengaged members with the Chair

 Policy Lead

  • Advising Committees/Task Forces on government priorities and requests, and appropriate methods for engagement
  • Conducting research and developing relevant policy submissions and communications 
  • Involving OSPE staff, Board of Directors and other Committees/Task Forces as necessary


Ambassador participation is evaluated by the Chair on an ongoing basis.

Special Policies:

All members of the Committees/Task Forces will agree to abide by OSPE’s Code of Conduct and Workplace Violence Policy. Committee and Task Force members will also be required to adhere to the Media Protocol and Policy Submission Process documents.

Success Measurers:

Committees and Task Forces are successful when their activities include research, policy recommendations, engaging OSPE membership and other stakeholders and nominate members for awards.

Screening Measures:

All applicates must submit their resume and a completed application form for consideration.

Next Steps:

Please contact to indicate your interest in joining a committee or task force. You will then be sent an application form and be requested to submit it along with a resume for consideration.

Your application and resume will be reviewed by the Committee/ Task Force Chair.