Mentorship Program

A mentor is an individual who acts as an advisor and provides support, guidance, and feedback for a less experienced mentee. They will provide their expertise and professional knowledge from a more experienced perspective to the mentee.


Title of Position:



The volunteer position as a Mentor contributes to many of the goals OSPE hopes to accomplish through our Engineering the Future Together initiative such as:


  • Strengthen and grow its equitable, diverse and inclusive engineering community by extending its reach in communities across the province
  • Enhance the prosperity and sustainability of the profession by attracting and delivering value to members at all stages of their careers – from students to retirees.
  • Encourage members to share experiences and stories and offer new opportunities through a variety of channels for them to do so
  • Create opportunities for career builders and senior-level engineers to contribute to issues of importance and mentor younger members



  • Provide meaningful advice, support, and guidance regarding your specialization topics* to all the mentees
  • Share your own unique experience and knowledge with your mentee. Don’t be afraid to share stories from your own struggles and difficulties as well as from your successes.
  • Serve as a sounding board to your mentee by providing constructive feedback that supports and challenges their professional development.
  • Be sensitive to the explicit and subtle barriers that underrepresented groups can experience in their engineering career
  • Be sensitive to any mental health issues that your mentee may be facing. As a mentor, it is not your responsibility to diagnose or treat them, but we do expect that you be compassionate towards them and refer them to the mental health resources guides that we will provide you with.


*Specializations are areas of expertise that you feel most comfortable mentoring in such as: career development, PEO license support, networking skills, interviewing skills, leadership skills, entrepreneurship, etc.


  • Possess 2+ years of industry experience in their designated engineering discipline
  • Be familiar with labour market trends impacting recent engineering graduates and the engineering profession
  • Leadership, Communication, and Interpersonal skills
  • Must have compassion and be understanding of mentee(s) unique situations
  • Be sensitive to the explicit and subtle barriers that underrepresented groups can experience in their engineering career

Time Commitment:

  • 4 months
  • Minimum of 6 hours per month


  • Building new relationships and growing your network with like-minded engineering students and professionals
  • Make a positive impact within the engineering profession
  • Develop strong leadership skills


  • Mentorship Guidebook
  • Virtual Call with Membership Coordinator & all OSPE Mentors



OSPE Staff will provide guidance and support



Mentors will be evaluated by the Membership Coordinator on an ongoing basis and the feedback that is provided from the mentees.

Success Measurers:

Mentors are successful when they can provide meaningful guidance and advice to their mentees. If mentees feel supported, have received relevant advice/feedback, and are more confident in themselves after meeting with a mentor – then the mentor has been successful with their duties.

Screening Measures:

All applicants must submit their resume and a completed application form for consideration.

Next Steps:

If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, sign up now! You will need to complete the application form and send it and your resume to OSPE staff will be in touch shortly with your next steps!