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The association for Ontario engineers

OSPE is a member-driven professional association that welcomes the entire engineering community to contribute knowledge, skills and leadership to help create a better future for our profession and society at large.

Advocating for the engineering profession

OSPE provides non-partisan, evidence-based input on policy, planning and budget decisions, and has become a trusted advisor to all levels of government.

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Industry 4.0

July 09, 2020
In a rapidly changing economy, businesses are required to adapt technology faster than ever before to remain competitive in the marketplace. In this presentation, you will learn about digitalization, its use cases and impacts on our daily life.

Coaching with Excellence

July 07, 2020 - July 08, 2020
Gain critical coaching skills that are directly applicable to your job. Through an experiential learning approach, participants learn factors that contribute to or hinder performance. Also learn to support the development of performance in others, to foster a culture of coaching at your own organization.


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This free micro-learning module was made specifically to provide guidance to business owners and leaders, to think about and plan for possible short, medium and long-term scenarios with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic.

OSPE’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Working Group provides key recommendations to government


Past OSPE Presidents look back on their terms in celebration of the 20th Anniversary


OSPEs 2020 AGM Recap


Industry Responds to Urgent call for Surgical Masks

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OPPI is a partner with @O_S_P_E on their Asset Management for Municipalities workshop series. Learn how to balance your municipality's assets ensuring the delivery of public services while anticipating a changing climate. Sign up today: http://ow.ly/9kpI50AohtW

How does #engineering help you solve everyday problems? This @UCalgary electrical eng. grad invented a duffel bag that removes odour and bacteria from sports gear through a self-ionizing process. Genius! #EngineersLead #NoMoreSmellySocks https://bit.ly/3ekEUq9

How Has COVID-19 Affected Our Engineering Community? https://ospe.on.ca/community/how-has-covid-19-affected-our-engineering-community/

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us. It's changed the way we learn, work, and live our daily lives. Some of the members of our community recently spoke to us about the way their lives have changed. Read it on the blog ▶ https://bit.ly/3gSvvYy

Now this is the kind of infrastructure investment that we can get behind! Ten cleantech companies receive $41.8 million from federal government. Read more: https://bit.ly/38NsdDb

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