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The association for Ontario engineers

OSPE is a member-driven professional association that welcomes the entire engineering community to contribute knowledge, skills and leadership to help create a better future for our profession and society at large.

Advocating for the engineering profession

OSPE provides non-partisan, evidence-based input on policy, planning and budget decisions, and has become a trusted advisor to all levels of government.

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Project Management Essentials for Engineers Certificate Program

October 18, 2023 - October 27, 2023
At one time or another, most people have been faced with the job of planning and executing a project. It might have been a simple thing like organizing an office lunch or something quite complex like developing a software application. Even though these two projects seem worlds apart in importance, objectives, and resource requirements, they have a great deal in common in terms of the planning and overseeing that will make them successes. This course is designed to show you the tools and techniques used by project managers to better organize your work to make your projects more successful. 

Thought Leadership Thursdays: Transforming Industrial Maintenance with AI and IIoT: 1 CPD Hour

July 06, 2023
Manufacturers are facing a new transformational technology in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can drastically change their business & operations. Maintenance Cost is a significant contributor to the business and optimizing maintenance is one of the direct applications of AI. Together with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), AI can empower practitioners & change the way Maintenance activities are done. The discussion will cover how to successfully transform an organization's Maintenance program by describing Strategy, Planning, and Execution.

Thought Leadership Thursdays: The Myth of Neutrality & Objectivity in Engineering Standards & Professional Norms: 1 CPD Hour

July 13, 2023
The engineering profession prioritizes neutrality and objectivity over equity and inclusion in considering technical standards and professional norms. However, as a profession with a statutory duty to serve and protect the public interest, engineers have a responsibility to all members of the public and not just those who align with the dominant identities. By creating a more inclusive culture, the engineering profession can become more representative, resulting in more equitable standards, practices, and outcomes.

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