Climate Crisis Task Force

Protecting the environment is essential to promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for current and future generations. As problem solvers, engineers provide important insights on system planning, efficiencies and integration, total lifecycle costing and scenario analysis for sound policy making when it comes to combating climate change and mitigating its impact.


Engineers are the key to a sustainable future. The Climate Crisis Task Force believes not only do all engineers have a responsibility to consider their impact on the environment, but they also have a responsibility to take the lead in saving our planet.

We have to ensure our pursuit of a green future is truly sustainable. The climate crisis is real and happening now and we cannot wait to act. This task force recognizes their responsibility and explores all paths of action from the perspective that only engineers can offer. Some of their recent work has explored the role of nuclear power, green hydrogen, resilient infrastructure guidelines and EV charging infrastructure.

Climate Crisis Task Force Chair

A Professional Engineer with expansive experience in management and consulting. I have graduate degrees in mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering and a post graduate diploma in human sciences.

I have held many senior executive positions including President of a nutraceutical company, executive responsible for Operations, Engineering and General Management in several pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic companies.

My consulting experience as a Principal and owner spans over 20 years in areas such as process engineering, manufacturing, technical and strategic management.

GS / OSPE 2022

Climate Crisis Task Force Members

Kadra Branker, P.Eng.
Kenzie Lewis, B.Eng.
Kirsten Macmillan, EIT
Marilyn Spink, P.Eng.
Michael Pathak, P.Eng.
Tom Markowitz, P.Eng.

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