Data Governance and Innovation: OSPE’s Data Working Group publishes a series of whitepapers

OSPE’s advocacy work is driven by our professional and experienced members. Over the past several months, members of our Data Working Group, a subgroup of our Research and Innovation Task Force, have used their expertise to write a series of white papers on Data Governance and Innovation. In March 2022, OSPE published the whitepaper series foreword authored by Beatrice Sze, P.Eng., J.D., which ties together five articles that provide context to specialized topics pertaining to data governance and privacy. 

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence

This article describes what artificial intelligence (AI) is through a technical lens and how utilizing AI is a paradigm shift. Using AI is moving away from traditional programming where cases must be inputted. Instead, the computer essentially learns to produce the right outcome based on past inputs. This article does not only provide technical explanations of AI but also analyzes the opportunities the industry can capitalize on and describes possible vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity: Data Governance & Information Security

Beginning with technical definitions of data governance, information security and cyber security, this article explains how to assess the level of injury caused by lack of data governance and security. This includes an example of identity theft protection, the ultimate target of most cyber-attacks.

The Current State of the Law: Data Regulation in Canada

This article is informed with legal expertise that specializes in information privacy. With an influx of information about data governance and cybersecurity, legal dilemmas come into question. This paper provides a background of the current legislative framework and what changes to federal and provincial law are to be expected. 

Data and the Public Interest – Fair Questions from Civil Society

As the world continues to shift to a heavy reliance on modern day technology, the digital economy is evolving at a rapid pace. The digital economy comes with its benefits, but as economic growth is accelerated, the topic of individual control over personal data comes into question. This article sparks this conversation and provides a more in-depth explanation of its implications.

Building a Data Economy – Economic Growth & Prosperity 

As the Canadian data-economy is undergoing expedited growth, measurement of progress has to be transformed to remain competitive on a global stage. This article introduces the Gross-Data Product (G.D.P) metric, a tool that is being adopted across the globe by innovative and competitive economies. 

This series of whitepapers is a compilation of industry experts who lead the conversation with evidence-based information. If you are a Data subject matter expert and interested in joining OSPE’s volunteer Research and Innovation Task Force or want to provide additional comments regarding this series of white papers, please email

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