Sustainable Cities Task Force

Ontario’s engineers need to be empowered with greater autonomy to provide essential management expertise and oversight of public and private infrastructure, enhancing the value, functionality, and resiliency of projects that support our communities.

Where innovation and environment thrive alongside each other, sustainable cities light the path to a greener and brighter future. As engineers, we are responsible for designing cities that meet the needs of the present without compromising on the needs of future generations.

This task force considers all sides of sustainability, from ‘green’ buildings to advocating for Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) to government. Recent focuses of this task force have been in the space of green building retrofits, creating a QBS framework, the re-use of concrete aggregates and comparing Canadian infrastructure to Japan to identify possible areas for improvement.

Sustainable Cities Task Force Chair

A Professional Engineer with expansive experience in management and consulting. I have graduate degrees in mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering and a post graduate diploma in human sciences.

I have held many senior executive positions including President of a nutraceutical company, executive responsible for Operations, Engineering and General Management in several pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic companies.

My consulting experience as a Principal and owner spans over 20 years in areas such as process engineering, manufacturing, technical and strategic management.

GS / OSPE 2022

Sustainable Cities Task Force Members

Chloe Richard, BASc.
Chris Crozier, P.Eng.
Emily Pepper, MSc, BSc
Mehdi Mirzazadeh, P.Eng.
Mukul Asthana, P.Eng.
Pauline Watson, P.Eng.
Veronica Bergs, P.Eng.

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