Employer Spotlight: TMIG – The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd.

TMIGTMIG is a privately owned Canadian company that provides a high standard of technical, management and related services to engineer, inspect and administer a broad spectrum of projects, from small site servicing to larger, multi-disciplinary assignments.

TMIG was founded in 2003 by David Scott, P.Eng., and Mark Tarras, P.Eng. Both founders wanted to come together to create a company with a great culture, where staff are happy to come to work each day because they’re a part of a variety of exciting projects.

A third partner, David Ashfield, P.Eng., was later added to the team to contribute his experience in water resource management. TMIG is made up of a team of Professional Engineers, Engineer Technicians, contract administrators and administrative staff.

Renee McKewn is the Human Resources Director at TMIG and recently joined OSPE’s Professional Development Committee. She told us that the company’s internal mentorship program has been a huge success in identifying employee’s plans for their individual career development.

TMIG provides each employee with a designated mentor – a senior staff member who meets with them to talk about where they want to grow, and how the company can incorporate those goals into its business objectives.

“If one of our employees is currently working in a cautionary role but they want design experience, we will find time in that year to get them on a project that provides them with that,” McKewn said. “From an employee perspective, this is very engaging. Especially because if engineers are not being challenged at work, they’ll look elsewhere.

We’ve found that our mentorship program helps with retention of good talent. We want our employees to grow and be happy – it takes quite a bit of time to find qualified employees.”


OSPE helps TMIG find qualified candidates

In January 2014, TMIG attended OSPE’s first Engineering Employment Event (E3) in Mississauga.

“It was a fantastic event – we absolutely loved it. The candidates that came were skilled and experienced. OSPE is a great help with our recruiting,” McKewn said.

A recent success story developed at one of OSPE’s recent E3s, where Shifteh Frazanehkari, P.Eng., was looking for work, and had the chance to meet with TMIG.

“E3s are an opportunity to network – and I think networking is everything,” Frazanehkari said. “You need the chance to meet people and explain your abilities. This way, you can find a job that’s a fit for you too.

When you apply to jobs online, you don’t get to explain your skills, experience and qualifications. I was determined to take advantage of OSPE’s E3 and speak to a project manager about my interest in TMIG.”

Frazanehkari was right – she had previously applied online for a job at TMIG, but by getting the face-to-face interaction with the hiring manager, she was offered a position as a civil site plan design engineer. She is now happily employed at TMIG.

On January 14, 2016, TMIG will also be hosting a full-day training seminar through OSPE – Understanding Municipal Finance, Procurement and Investment Incentives at its office in Vaughan, Ontario.

“OSPE offers incentives for organizations to host courses at their offices,” McKewn said. “In exchange for our facility, our staff get free registration in the course. We also include a 15-20 minute presentation on our company at the beginning for all course attendees, so it’s free visibility for us.”

TMIG will be hosting its own recruitment open house where engineers can visit the facility, attend presentations and speak to employees who work there. TMIG’s three partners David Scott, P.Eng., Mark Tarras, P.Eng., and David Ashfield, P.Eng., will also be there to meet and greet those who stop in.

To learn more about TMIG, visit the company’s website at www.tmig.ca. To register for the Municipal Finance course in January, visit OSPE’s website www.ospe.on.ca.  

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