How Do I Get Recognized as an Exceptional Performer?

Are you ready to take that next step in your career? Do you feel your tenure and technical experience have prepared you for a promotion or leadership role? How do you ensure that you are recognized as an exceptional performer and are not passed over for new opportunities?

In today’s edition of ASK Paul, career coach and job search expert Paul Hill explains what leadership skills separate the exceptional performer or engineer from the competent engineer.

According to Paul, a company’s “A-Players” are not all created equal. Top performers are typically divided into two streams: a management stream or a senior technical contributor stream. Check out today’s video for a self-assessment of seven traits and behaviours of leadership that will help you get you on the right path for recognition:

How do I get recognized as an exceptional player?

[videopress XT4TuM7O]

Looking for more tips to successfully develop and demonstrate these traits and behaviours on the job?

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