OSPE releases 2015 Fee Guideline for Professional Engineering Services

2015 OSPE Fee Guideline for Professional Engineering ServicesSelecting an engineering service provider is one of the most important decisions a client makes. The success of any engineered project relies on obtaining the most suitable expertise, so choosing the most qualified firm will result in a well-planned and designed project.

Published biennially, OSPE’s Fee Guideline for Professional Engineering Services is prepared for use by engineers and their clients in Ontario to establish adequate fees for engineering services provided. The fees identified in the document reflect the level of service professional engineers must provide to meet the standard of care and due diligence identified in the Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) practice guidelines (see professional obligation information under the Professional Engineers Act and Code of Ethics on PEO’s website www.peo.on.ca).

To download the full version of OSPE’s 2015 Fee Guideline, click here.


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  1. Chris

    Will an updated version be posted? This link is dead and no longer applicable since it’s 6 years old.

    1. STAFF

      Hi Chris, sorry for the delay. I’ve fixed the link if you would still like to access the 2015 version. Unfortunately this is the latest version we have and we currently have no plans to create an updated version at this time.

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