OSPE’s Engineering Employment Events (E3s) enjoy a makeover


Remake, remodel and renew – Three terms every engineer is familiar with at one point or another during the engineering process. So why not apply these concepts to the job-hunting process as well?

OSPE couldn’t think of a reason not to.

As a result, the 2016 lineup of Engineering Employment Events (E3s) available to OSPE members is going to look a little different and we are confident that the change is for the better.

To more effectively cater to the needs of employers looking to fill positions at a variety of experience levels, as well as the needs of job seekers looking to fill this spectrum of positions, the 2016 E3s will include:

  1. An E3 for seasoned professionals. Hosted in April 2016, this E3 will welcome job seekers with 5 years + experience, and employers looking to fill senior-level positions
  1. An E3 for recent graduates and young professionals. Hosted in May 2016, this E3 will welcome job seekers with 0 – 4 years of experience, and employers looking to fill junior or entry-level positions
  1. An E3 for engineers, technicians and technologists. Hosted in September 2016, OPSE and the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) jointly welcome engineering grads, licensed engineering professionals, and engineering technicians and technologists

Since their inception in 2014, OSPE’s E3s have proven to be an effective means of bringing together a roster of approximately 10 different employers and 120 job seekers.

One of the unique features of OSPE’s Engineering Employment Events is that admittance is intentionally limited to facilitate a more intimate networking event to the benefit of both the employer and the job seeker. The limited number of participants fosters an environment where each organization’s representatives are able to not only accept resumes or business cards, but they also have the time to strike up a conversation and ask and answer any critical employment questions.

Each one of the participating organizations is actively seeking to hire, so as a job seeker, you also benefit from knowing that each employer at one of OSPE’s E3s has at least one vacant position to fill. With an average of four representatives present from each company, both parties will have a better capacity to build a rapport and mutually determine which company and candidates appear to be a good fit overall.

If you are either an employer or a job seeker wishing to participate in one of OSPE’s upcoming Engineering Employment Events, click on the appropriate page below to secure your spot:


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Job seekers, stay tuned for more information on registration here.

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