How to deliver a compelling virtual interview?

The shift to virtual work environments also called a change to how employers conducted their recruiting practices. Almost all companies, made a switch to virtual interviewing to hire their staff. As we come out of the pandemic, here is why the practices for virtual interviewing are here to stay:

  • No Barriers to Location

Talent Pools have increased in size because there is no limitation of where an individual must be to apply to a position. This is especially true if the position is fully remote. With an increase in talent pool, employers can fill a position faster with reduced turn over.

  • Increased Accessibility

Employers can now conduct a whole day of interviews without spillover. With no need of booking meeting rooms, work for the rest of the company also doesn’t get impacted.

  • Budget Friendly

Virtual Interviewing is also easier on the budget. You don’t have to expense travel for candidates and don’t have to devote a whole day of resources to interview one candidate.

OSPE’s Job Search Workshop, Acing your In-Person and Virtual Interview is a great free resource to members where they can learn how to give an effective interview with all the constraints of the virtual world.

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Another service at OSPE that aids job seekers in their journey is the Virtual Interview Simulator. This program allows you to receive personalized feedback from job search professionals, like recruiters on how you can better your interviewing skills. All you have to do is find a job posting online that aligns with the role you’re looking for and submit it, along with your video recordings.

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