OSPE, the OGCA and Other Partners Respond to the Urgent Need for Sanitizing Products

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) and the Ontario General Contractors Association (OGCA), together with over 15 other construction and design companies have delivered over 2,300 liters of 80 percent alcohol concentration Emterra Hand Sanitizer to frontline workers in Ontario. As Ontario works through these unprecedented events, the industry wanted to provide immediate relief and support to front line workers battling the COVID-19 crisis.

“Although businesses are starting to open up, there is still a pressing need for PPE and sanitizing products,” said Clive Thurston, outgoing President of the OGCA. “We were able to work with Canadian Liquids Processors and with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers to purchase and donate this high-quality, made in Ontario, product.”

“Canadian Liquids Processors appreciated what the construction and design industry is going through, especially front-line workers helping rebuild our economy. As such, this Health Canada approved product is formulated, sized and priced to reflect industrial users’ needs.” Clive explaining that the “OGCA thought it was only fair to donate a significant amount of sanitizing products frontline workers in addition to offering it to OGCA members.”

“As contractors, we aim to promote safety excellence among members and within the industry.” The OGCA president explained the rationale behind this donation and the previous contribution of 10,000 surgical masks as an extension of the organization’s mandate. “This donation will allow frontline workers including those in corrections, shelters, and first responders, to stay safe in their workplace, just like we do on Ontario’s ICI job sites every day.”

OSPE also views its contribution during this crisis as an extension of its mandate to lead, care, and unite. As CEO Sandro Perruzza says, “OSPE continues to work hard on behalf of the engineering community. In this time of crisis, we believe the leadership that the voice of engineers can provide is more important than ever.”

Perruzza says, “In this turbulent atmosphere, OSPE has been actively working with industry and government partners towards finding solutions that will mitigate the health and economic impact of COVID-19 for engineers and the entire construction and design community.”

If you wish to make a purchase, please contact Sean O’Neill of Canadian Liquids or by phone at 905-379-0177.

For more information about OSPE and COVID-19, please visit: https://ospe.on.ca/covid-19-updates-from-ospe

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