Mentorship Program

OSPE is committed to strengthening and growing the engineering community by creating a space where members can receive support from engineering professionals. The OSPE Mentorship Program features talented and experienced mentors who are excited to provide you with guidance on a variety of topics related to the engineering experience. To book a mentoring session with our mentors, please login to your OSPE account to access their calendar.



Tiffany Joseph

Tiffany Joseph is a young professional working in the Distribution Logistics Industry. After graduating from York University with a Degree in Space Engineering, she realized her passion for project management, leadership, equity and inclusion initiatives. Tiffany works as a Project Engineer, and volunteers her time in these areas. Tiffany is excited to help students and young professionals realize their leadership goals and succeed in engineering.

Specializations: Leadership Skills | Equity and Inclusion | Project Management


Ashraf Hanna, P.Eng.

Ashraf Hanna is a seasoned civil engineer with extensive experience in capital project delivery, water and wastewater engineering, and development engineering—both in the private and public sectors. He started his career in engineering consulting where he progressed from Design Engineer to Senior Project Engineer with overall responsibility for project delivery, quality and budget control as well as client liaison. Subsequently, he transitioned to the municipal engineering field where he acquired considerable experience in the areas of capital program delivery and management of major infrastructure projects, water and wastewater infrastructure planning as well as development engineering.

Specializations: Career Support in Development Engineering & Public Sector | Internationally Trained Engineers | Work Disputes and Corporate Politics

Oliver Xiao, P.Eng.

Oliver is a civil engineer specializing in the construction and building materials industry. He has extensive experience working on infrastructure projects, engineering codes and standards, government policies and R&D. Oliver currently works for an industry association.

Volunteering with multiple professional associations, Oliver helped numerous young professionals and internationally trained engineering graduates in successfully completing their PEO licensing process. He is also currently board director at PEO York Chapter and Chair of OSPE Infrastructure Task Force.

Specializations: PEO Licence Support | Career Development | Networking Skills

Changiz Sadr, P.Eng., FEC, CISSP

Changiz Sadr is a retired Telecom engineer with over 40 years of industry experience focusing on the Communications Infrastructure and Cybersecurity. Since early 2000, he has been involved in mentoring and coaching of professionals helping them to find their professional directions.

Changiz knows the value of having right guidance for professionals on their journeys in becoming the best versions of themselves. He makes every effort to be the help and support that he wishes he had.

Specializations: Leadership Skills | Career Support | PEO Licence Support | NPPE Prep Support | Cybersecurity

Mahdi Zangeneh, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Mahdi holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. He has over 15 years experience in the development and design of renewable energy systems (including: wind turbines, solar power systems, wave absorption systems and biomass technology). Mahdi has managed detail design of three 950 MW gas turbines power plant projects. Mahdi is proficient in noise propagation and noise modeling by CADNA. Mahdi has successfully supported 20 engineering mentees in the Canadian job market.

Specializations: Renewable Energy | Networking Skills

Ahmed Abdelghany, P.Eng.

Ahmed is a P.Eng who worked in BC and Ontario, as a commercial and risk director for mega construction projects. He likes providing guidance on how to meet the requirements for licensure to recent graduates and newcomers to Canada. Ahmed is an enthusiastic traveler, who visited 12 countries across 4 continents, and has a plan to visit the North Pole. Ahmed loves to meet engineers, as a mentor, helps attain their professional goals, and supports them during job hunting.

Specializations: Career Support and Transition | Interviewing Skills | Networking Skills | PEO Licence Support | Project Management | Commercial Management

Gary Tamber, P.Eng., CISM

Gary Tamber, P.Eng., CISM, is an accomplished Engineering Leader with proven hands-on experience in leading technical teams to meet strategic business objectives. He has led teams effectively at various corporations to transform the software testing and delivery process using modern tools & practices such as Agile Methodology (SAFe), DevOps (CI/CD) while leveraging Cloud computing services and with Security in mind. Gary is passionate about mentoring software engineers by encouraging them to explore hot technology fields such as Cloud Computing, DevOps and Cyber Security!

Specializations: Cloud Computing | DevOps | Agile Methodology | Leadership skills | PEO license support

Cecilia Nwoye, M.Eng.

Cecilia Nwoye, M.Eng. is a young professional completing a master’s degree in engineering with a minor in chemical engineering from the University of Ottawa. She started out as an undergraduate intern at a brewery and later at a refinery. After she obtained her B.Eng. in chemical engineering, she progressed to the oil and gas sector as an Inspection Engineering Methods and Support. Cecilia has over nine years of office and offshore experience spanning risk-based inspection, non-destructive testing, corrosion monitoring and control of topside structures and pressurized systems.

She understands the value of right guidance for students in choosing the right career path and is excited to help and support students and young professionals develop the requisite skills to realize their career goals and succeed in engineering.

Specializations: Leadership Skills | Equity and Diversity | Women in Engineering | Career Support

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