Career Coaching

OSPE has partnered with CareerCycles to offer members one-on-one professional career coaching. OSPE members receive preferred rates reflecting 15% savings for career management programs. Services are delivered one-on-one at CareerCycles Toronto location or via Zoom.

CareerCycles has helped 500+ engineers make well-informed career choices, increase clarity and job satisfaction, and conduct effective job searches. Learn more here.

To discuss any questions or to coordinate scheduling to get started, please contact:

Jennifer Mackey
Client Service & Operations Manager
Career Cycles

Program Offers



Program 1:

A starting point for OSPE members with career questions.

Career Consultation for Engineers

(One * 1-hour session)

$79+hst for OSPE members

(Regularly $87+hst)

  • A 1-hour consultation with a CareerCycles Associate
  • Initial assessment of your situation, needs, and clarification of your career questions
  • Development of your initial Clarification Sketch and identification of 3 or more specific career possibilities which could be a good fit
  • Recommendation of next steps
  • No obligation to move forward with additional services
  • A credit of the consultation fee is available when you choose to move forward with a 5-hour abridged, 8-hour comprehensive, or 12-hour premium career management program
  • OSPE members are eligible for 15% savings on career management programs
Program 2: For OSPE members asking, ‘how can I improve or refine my Experience Record to maximize the likelihood of it being accepted by PEO?’

PEO Experience Record Enhancement Program 

(Two *1-hour sessions)

$289+hst for OSPE members

(Regularly $399+hst)

  • A 2-hour program with CareerCycles Practice Leader Mark Franklin, P.Eng., MEd, CMF
  • Thorough review and critique of your Experience Record draft, with specific and targeted feedback, and where required, editing and collaborative rewriting in the What/How/Why format preferred by PEO
  • Clear instructions on next steps after first meeting, to improve and refine draft
  • Effective second meeting to review and consolidate changes, resulting in substantially enhanced Experience Record
Program 3: For OSPE members asking, ‘how can I present myself in a PEO ERC interview?’

PEO Experience Requirements Committee (ERC) Interview Preparation Program

(Two *1-hour sessions)

$289+hst for OSPE members

(Regularly $399+hst)

  • Two-hour program with CareerCycles Practice Leader Mark Franklin, P.Eng., MEd, CMF
  • Professional and recorded practice interview with detailed critique, feedback, and suggestions for improvement, tailored to your situation
  • MP3 recording emailed after session for further learning
  • Relevant and effective between-session tasks
  • 12-page detailed handout with sample questions, sample responses, job offer negotiation tips, and resources
  • End-of-session follow up summary emails outlining next steps