A Profession in Transition.
A Snapshot of the Engineering Community in Ontario.

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“In 2022, $2 trillion was spent on digital transformations…by 2025, that number is expected to go up to $3 trillion.”
Gary Tamber, P.Eng., OSPE Member

“I see OSPE benefitting Ontario engineers just by connecting us. We’re stronger together than we are apart.”
Montana Wilson, P.Eng., OSPE Member

“When I look at engineering as a whole, we permeate so many aspects of life.”
Manraj Pannu, P.Eng., OSPE Member

“If you think like an engineer, you’ll be able to do things you never thought you could.”
Kam Leong, P.Eng., OSPE Member

“The superpower of engineers is problem-solving.”
Sandra Odendahl, P.Eng., OSPE Member

“Engineers have the ability to change the future for the better. Not many professions can say that.”
Nick Mocan, P.Eng., OSPE Member


Ontario’s Engineering Community in Transition: Benchmarking Report 2022

A seismic shift is underway in engineering. With nearly 1/3 of Ontario’s working engineering graduates headed for retirement, a younger, more diverse generation is filling their shoes with new perspectives, priorities, and objectives. This insightful report discusses the well-being of the engineering profession.

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Engineering in Ontario, by the numbers

Pride in a Changing Profession


of respondents believed society at large respects an engineering degree.

Women in Engineering


of female respondents said there is a lack of gender representation in engineering.

International Outlook


of International Engineering Graduates were not working as engineers, or in a field that requires engineering training.

Future of the P.Eng.


of respondents believed a P.Eng. is necessary to ensure quality standards are met.

Q&A with Sandro Perruzza, CEO, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
We’re seeing that younger engineers and engineering graduates, and those from diverse backgrounds, may be less interested in those fields. Why?
A major issue that we have to address together as a profession is hostile or otherwise challenging work environments, and the persistence of old attitudes….

Q&A with Dr. Marilyn Powers, P.Eng., President and Chair at OSPE & Director, Academic Technology Integration & Innovation at Mohawk College
This research shows that many women feel less welcome in our profession. They also feel less certain that success is based on merit. What do you make of those results?
Let’s break down merit: we’ve had merit defined in a certain way for a long time, or worse yet, not well-defined, but something that goes by gut feeling….

Q&A with Anna Gkalimani, P.Eng., former Board Director at OSPE, Project Manager/ Structural Engineer at Westinghouse Electric Company
What can be done to improve outcomes for International Engineering Graduates?
One issue is a culture that has developed, where if you don’t have Canadian experience, you’re not qualified, regardless of what you’ve done in your career. And it needs to become easier to turn international experience into domestic opportunities.

Q&A with Nicholas Burgwin, P.Eng., Treasurer, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, Co-founder, FIBOS
Is the popularity of other designations, such as the MBA, a positive trend for the profession?
I think that’s a mixed story, but positive in some ways. Diversity in terms of education or opinions in the engineering field is valuable; it certainly helps to have a broader set of opinions at the table.


Every day, Ontario’s engineering community is creating a better, healthier, more prosperous province. We’re keeping our families, friends and neighbours safe at home, work and play. We’re guiding public policy and championing sustainability. And our innovative spirit is helping us tackle the problems of tomorrow before most people even know they exist. Ontario’s engineers are building a better province and OSPE is building an engineering community.

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The OSPE community cares about building a better future for all

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We are Ontario Engineering:

Engineering Digital Resilience

Gary Tamber, P. Eng., knows that “there’s no puzzle an engineer can’t solve.”


We are Ontario Engineering:

Cultivating Empowered Leadership

Montana Wilson, P. Eng., knew that women needed more opportunities to thrive in engineering. So, she made them herself.


We are Ontario Engineering:

Optimizing Play Experiences

Manraj Pannu, P. Eng. sees the power of engineering everywhere—especially in the smiles his work with Canada’s biggest toymaker brings to children’s faces.


We are Ontario Engineering:

Transit, Jobs and Our Future

Kam Leong, P.Eng. is keeping Canada’s largest urban region connected, and his public advocacy work through OSPE is making sure engineers’ voices are heard loud and clear.


We are Ontario Engineering:

Climate Impact

Sandra Odendahl, P.Eng. knows that engineers approach problem-solving like no one else—and she knows why the world needs more of us.


We are Ontario Engineering:

Water and Land Use

Nick Mocan, P.Eng. is tackling Ontario’s most urgent climate-related challenges, making sure our communities keep growing and thriving in the decades to come.


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