“If you think like an engineer, you’ll be able to do things you never thought you could.”
Kam Leong, P.Eng., OSPE Member

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“The superpower of engineers is problem-solving.”
Sandra Odendahl, P.Eng., OSPE Member

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“Engineers have the ability to change the future for the better. Not many professions can say that.”
Nick Mocan, P.Eng., OSPE Member

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Every day, Ontario’s engineering community is creating a better, healthier, more prosperous province. We’re keeping our families, friends and neighbours safe at home, work and play. We’re guiding public policy and championing sustainability. And our innovative spirit is helping us tackle the problems of tomorrow before most people even know they exist. Ontario’s engineers are building a better province and OSPE is building an engineering community.

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The OSPE community cares about building a better future for all

Better Communities

Everywhere Ontarians live, work and play, our members work hard to make better, for today and tomorrow.

Better Innovation

Cutting-edge technology. Creative problem-solving. Pioneering thinking. Innovation is what we’re all about.

Better Safety

Whether at home, school, work or play, our expertise and vigilance keep Ontarians safe 24/7.

Better Opportunity

Our members have access to countless opportunities for professional development, mentorship, training, networking and collaboration.

Be part of Ontario’s proudest professional association.


Meet our members and learn what they do and why it matters.

We are Ontario Engineering:

Transit, Jobs and Our Future

Kam Leong, P.Eng. is keeping Canada’s largest urban region connected, and his public advocacy work through OSPE is making sure engineers’ voices are heard loud and clear.

We are Ontario Engineering:

Climate Impact

Sandra Odendahl, P.Eng. knows that engineers approach problem-solving like no one else—and she knows why the world needs more of us.

We are Ontario Engineering:

Water and Land Use

Nick Mocan, P.Eng. is tackling Ontario’s most urgent climate-related challenges, making sure our communities keep growing and thriving in the decades to come.

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The Engineering the Future podcast features leading industry, government and academic guests taking deep dives into the latest issues affecting our profession.