Attorney General supports OSPE concerns regarding non-regulatory activities of PEO

OSPE would like to thank Attorney General Caroline Mulroney for her measured response regarding the concerns raised about the governance structure and non-regulatory activities of PEO, which were brought to her attention by CEO and OSPE (see OSPE’s original blog post on this topic).

The Attorney General provided specific direction for OSPE, CEO and PEO to work together to:

  • Develop a consensus plan to address PEO’s non-regulatory and governance issues, instructing PEO not to move forward with any other actions, including the possibility of offering affinity programs or other member benefits programs; and
  • Develop an approach that clearly delineates our mandates and roles in a manner that achieves the objectives of the Professional Engineers Act and strengthens the profession.

Attorney General Mulroney recognized that “engineers are vital to ensuring the economic growth and safety of the province”, and that each of our organizations – OSPE, CEO and PEO – “play a key role in this regard.”

OSPE will continue to update the Attorney General on the progress of developing and implementing a consensus plan to address these issues and will work collaboratively with PEO and CEO in this regard.

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