The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers believe that Black Lives Matter. We believe this to be an integral principal guiding our strategic pillars, Lead, Care, and Unite, and we believe the fight against systemic oppression and racism is a fight for all.

Systematic racism affects our engineering colleagues, friends, communities, and companies. Our industry and society is held back by it—this is not an abstract problem, but a tangible, day to day issue for our engineering community. We cannot be silent.

White supremacy, institutional discrimination, and the oppression of the Black community in Canada is a fight that we all must take on. OSPE is proud to reaffirm this and to pledge this battle as an ongoing commitment.

“As a society we must do better to embrace diverse perspectives and to realize that we are all human. An exercise in understanding our own unconscious biases will help us realize when we do not honour others as we should. I salute all people who recognize any shortfall and do better. Rest in peace George Floyd.” Réjeanne Aimey P.Eng MBA, President & Chair.

We’re inspired by the members of our engineering community who lead the voices of change and who regularly dedicate their time and resources towards this struggle. As always, we are opening our lines of communication to listen to our members: What can we do better? Where would you like to see us devote our resources?

“As an organization, I’m proud of the work OSPE has done to champion a diverse, inclusive, and equitable engineering community. However, as a leader, I humbly acknowledge that more work must be done to eradicate racism and injustice in our profession and the wider world. Myself and OSPE remain committed to learn, listen, and do better.” Sandro Perruzza, CEO.

We hear our community members engaged in this struggle and give our sincere thanks and gratitude. We promise to fight alongside you.

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