Calling Canadian Building Code Experts: Addressing Wildfire Threats in the National Building Code  


Are you an expert in building codes? Do you believe more can be done to tackle the growing threat of wildfires in Canada? We want to hear from you.  

The Canadian National Building Code (CNBC) primarily focuses on establishing minimum requirements for the design and construction of buildings to ensure safety, health, accessibility, and environmental sustainability. While the CNBC does address some aspects related to fire safety, it has been suggested it is not sufficient to protect against the increasing threat of wildfires, which are a complex and dynamic natural phenomenon.  

Though the Building Code requires that a building designed by an engineer or architect conforms to design standards and that all potential hazards including natural disasters have been considered, many have expressed concerns that there is a regulatory gap and the National Building Code does not include sufficient provisions for the increasing risk of wildfires resulting from climate change.  

In Ontario, municipal bylaws and the site-control process that examines the design and technical aspects of a proposed development can effectively address wildfire threats at the planning stage of construction. Municipalities in Ontario are also required to conduct a community risk assessment every five years to identify threats to fire safety.  

As such, we are calling out to experts in Canadian building codes and/or wildfire prevention. We want to hear your suggestions and your unique perspective on this topic. As engineers, we have an ethical responsibility to tackle today’s challenges affecting our communities with facts and expertise.  

Share your thoughts by sending a message to by Friday, September 29, 2023. 



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