Electrifying Your Journey: Ontario announces major investment in our automotive sector

Engineers are solution-oriented innovators who are essential in ensuring a thriving, green economy. The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is pleased to see major investments made to our local automotive sector to accelerate the manufacturing of electric vehicles. 

Earlier this month, Stellantis, a leading global automaker, invested $3.6 billion in the Windsor and Brampton automaker plants to accelerate the creation of a vertically integrated electric vehicle supply chain in North America. Additionally, the investment will help build two new research and development (R&D) centres dedicated to electric vehicles (EV) and EV battery technologies, to building a new vehicle assembly line to introduce battery-electric and hybrid models and to expanding their Automotive Research and Development Centre to create two Centres of Competency. The investment will increase R&D, accelerate production of EV, fill supply chain gaps, and introduce competitive jobs to local talent.  

The province has joined Stellantis by providing up to $894 million with a contribution of up to $513 million from the federal government.  

Keeping electric vehicle production local creates opportunities for Ontarians to purchase and form centres of innovation within the province. It also bolsters our global reputation as a province with a leading, innovative ecosystem. Creating centres dedicated to sustainable R&D will revolutionize the auto sector, creating a long overdue shift by putting climate crisis solutions in the driver seat. 

With a large population and numerous metropolitan cities, Ontario has a responsibility to invest in creating sustainable solutions to the climate crisis. OSPE and its members are focused on the climate crisis, urging our leaders to hear the voices of our local engineering talent.  

OSPE continues to advocate for the climate crisis with the input from our impressive members. Our members are strong catalysts of change provincially, nationally and globally. If you would like to share your input, please email advocacy@ospe.on.ca 

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