Empowering Ontario’s Future: OSPE’s Vision for a Prosperous and Innovative Province

Last week, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) presented its 2024 Ontario Pre-Budget Submission.

A pre-budget submission is a response to the call for consultation that the Government of Ontario puts out to all Ontarians yearly and the feedback they receive is used to inform government of how we want to see Ontario’s funds invested in 2024.

OSPE, representing the engineering profession in Ontario and over 10,000 members, is positioned to play a crucial role in shaping Ontario’s economic trajectory.

With engineers represented in every sector, from advanced manufacturing to biotechnology, the expertise of Ontario’s engineering community permeates every facet of Ontario’s dynamic economy.

Our Pre-Budget Submission is more than just a document; it is a blueprint for a resilient and forward-thinking Ontario. OSPE’s recommendations, spanning a diverse array of sectors, aim to not only strengthen the engineering profession but also significantly contribute to the prosperity and well-being of all Ontarians.

Here is an overview of the suggested investment areas OSPE put forward in this year’s submission:

Affordable Housing Solutions

In the realm of affordable housing, OSPE proposes strategic investments, including funding for engineering-driven solutions, research and development in new  technology, support for cost-effective construction and energy-efficient practices, and incentives for green building certification.


Our recommendations for infrastructure include sustainable engineering solutions for energy systems, resilient urban planning, and climate change adaptation, modernization of water infrastructure, and circular economy practices, along with accessible infrastructure development.

Green Energy Transition

In the pursuit of a green energy transition, OSPE advocates for investments in exploring the optimal net-zero supply mix, incentives for renewable energy adoption and surplus energy storage, grid modernization, energy efficiency programs, and support for nuclear energy and thermal networks. We also emphasize the need for widespread deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and consumer education on the appropriate use of EV chargers.

Emerging Technologies

Addressing the challenges of emerging technologies, OSPE recommends funding for cybersecurity, education on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and effective data governance. We also highlight the importance of emerging cleantech solutions, such as decentralized wastewater treatment and carbon capture technologies.

Health and Safety

Our proposals for health and safety encompass initiatives for Indoor Air Quality standards aligned with ASHRAE recommendations.

Education and Employment

In the realm of education and employment, OSPE calls for the implementation of the Blue-Ribbon Panel recommendations, increased funding for STEM education, support for professional development, and diversity initiatives. We also emphasize the need for programs benefiting International Engineering Graduates (IEGs) and Indigenous individuals in the mining sector.

Regulatory Efficiency and Streamlining

OSPE recommends a comprehensive review of the Professional Engineers Act to enhance efficiency, innovation, and recognition of emerging technologies and disciplines.

Collaboration with Professional Organizations

Lastly, OSPE advocates for funding and programs facilitating collaboration with professional organizations, such as OSPE, to enhance the role of technical knowledge in decision-making processes.

OSPE’s pre-budget submission is a roadmap for a prosperous and innovative Ontario. If you want to see the full text of the submission, go to [insert link]. We eagerly anticipate the government’s collaboration, fostering a future where engineering excellence propels the province to new heights.

Read the full submission here: OSPE-ON-Budget-Submission-2024.pdf


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