Green Party of Ontario promises to implement the OSPE recommendation of reinstating the Office of the Environment Commissioner of Ontario

The Green Party of Ontario, in its 2022 election platform New Solutions to Old Problems, has included the promise to strengthen environmental oversight and public consultation by restoring the Office of the Environmental Commissioner. 

At the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE), we understand that the science of climate change is clear and settled: human activities, especially greenhouse gas emissions, are the dominant cause of the observed global warming since the mid-20th century. We also know that the time for action is now. 

To address this pressing issue all orders of government, the private sector, and civil society must work together towards clear, ambitious, and achievable targets, timetables, and accountability mechanisms. This important work requires engineers.

Engineers can and should play an important role in bringing their applied science knowledge and relevant facts to the policy table along with practical solutions and their advantages and disadvantages. This is important input that political leaders need to achieve a consensus on worthwhile actions and timelines. 

Engineers, according to the Professional Engineers Act, must ensure that life, health, property, and public welfare are protected. Engineers know that protecting the environment is essential to promoting a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for current and future generations. 

As the advocacy body and voice of the engineering community, OSPE has been advocating to reinstate the Office of the Environment Commissioner of Ontario.  

As referenced in our 2022 Election Platform, OSPE believes the environment would be better safeguarded under the watch of an independent office such as the Environment Commissioner of Ontario, an independent body to report on government progress in the areas of climate change, energy management, and other environmental issues. 

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