The Green Party of Ontario releases its Election 2022 Platform

The Green Party of Ontario has released their official platform: New Solutions to Old Problems. The plan is organized under several overarching themes, such as a Caring Society, Connected Communities and New Climate Economy.

Here are some of the commitments the Green Party of Ontario (GPO) is looking to fulfill.

Energy Sector 

If elected, the GPO commits to:

  • Make buildings energy efficient by amending the Building Code so all new commercial and residential buildings are built with the lowest carbon footprint, encourage the use of sustainable and non-toxic building materials by removing red tape, making building level fossil fuel use transparent through labelling and disclosure 
  • Moving to renewable, clean energy sources by doubling Ontario’s electricity supply by 2040, halting new uranium mines or nuclear plants 
  • Promoting energy efficient businesses and infrastructure by providing cash incentives and grants for low-carbon equipment, including vehicle fleets
  • Providing funding for schools to make energy efficiency and ventilation improvements

Ontario is among the most powerful provinces fueling our nation. Our energy policies must reflect the great opportunity and responsibility we hold as a province. Engineering minds are the backbones of efficient and sustainable innovation that can drive any policy into succession. OSPE will continue advocating for the incorporation of engineering voices at decision making tables.

Job Creation

If elected, the GPO commits to: 

  • Creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs by retrofitting 100 per cent of existing homes/workplaces to net-zero by 2040
  • Develop a made-in-Ontario social enterprise strategy with non-profit and cooperative sectors to drive local job creation

OSPE cares about all Ontarians having an equal opportunity at participating in our economy. Creating quality jobs across all sectors is essential in rebuilding after the pandemic and continuing our growth. We are pleased there are proposed policies that cater to this need.

Manufacturing & Innovation

  • Support local EV innovation and manufacturing through an innovation fund and a Climate Bank
  • Invest in research and innovation that improves the sustainability of how we grow, produce, and distribute our food
  • Emphasize Ontario’s strengths in certain sectors by creating a strong electric transportation industry supply chain

Manufacturing and innovation are cornerstones to a competitive economy and engineers are the drivers. Engineers develop brilliant solutions, from ideation to fruition to growth, and their expertise is essential during every stage. If elected, OSPE hopes the GPO will listen to the engineering community when building on these commitments. 


If elected, the GPO commits to:

  • Support and grow green businesses by building on Ontario’s strengths in sectors like mining to create a strong EV manufacturing strategy
  • Restore a robust environmental assessment process and include private sector projects in sectors like mining that have long term environmental impacts 

The mining sector in Ontario has the opportunity to be a powerhouse and needs strong policy to support it. If elected, OSPE hopes to GPO will produce more quality commitments to build this sector and make it thrive. 

Nuclear Energy 

If elected, the GPO commits to:

  • Let go of new nuclear plants that add to the pile of nuclear waste currently in storage 
  • Shut down the Pickering Nuclear Power Plan if continued operation is unsafe


If elected, the GPO commits to:

  • Connecting communities with clean transit options by halting new highway projects, prioritising public transit in all transportation planning decisions, and cutting transit fares in half for at least three months 
  • Restore the 50 per cent provincial cost-share for transit operations to reduce fare increases
  • Electrify our transit systems by adding 4,000 electric and fuel-cell buses by 2030
  • Fund the Northlander passenger rail service to increase transit connections outside the GTHA
  • Establish a clean and accessible intercity electric bus service to connect all communities across the province 
  • Eliminate the current government’s plan to build Highway 413

Improving how Ontarians move is an important factor in enhancing the lives of Ontarians, reducing gridlock and fighting the climate crisis. Vehicles on the road are some of the highest contributors to our carbon pollution and sound policy can significantly improve this. 

Addressing the Climate Crisis 

If elected, the GPO commits to:

  • Cut carbon pollution in half by 2030 and hit real net zero by 2045. Take over administration of the federal carbon fee system and increase the price by $25 until it reaches $300/tonne in 2032. All carbon fee revenues collected from individuals will be returned to individuals as dividends.
  • Phase out fossil fuels by establishing a Fair Share Carbon Budget for Ontario and incorporate a legal annual reporting requirement on progress and pollution, eliminate fossil fuels from electricity generation aiming to phase out fossil gas by 2030 and halting new gas hookups
  • Increasing access to EV’s and charging infrastructure by increasing demand for new low-emission vehicles with cash incentives, requiring trucks in urban areas to be 50 per cent ZEV by 2030, making electric charging infrastructure and creating EV supply chains to grow jobs and businesses in Ontario
  • Support municipalities to be climate leaders by providing municipalities and practitioners with knowledge, technical expertise via a Green Infrastructure Support Hub, restoring the 50 per cent provincial cost-share for transit operations and electrification plans for transit systems
  • Increase demand for new low-emission vehicles with cash incentives up to $10,000 for buying a fully electric vehicle and $1,000 for an e-bike or used electric vehicle.

OSPE members are loud voices in the fight against the climate crisis. OSPE’s climate consultations held in March 2022 are only two examples of the countless ways engineers are advocates for a cleaner economy. We have a responsibility to protect our home and OSPE is looking to the government for strong leadership. 

For a full response on the Green Party of Ontario’s Climate Plan, read our letter to the party: here.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

If elected, the GPO commits to:

  • Allocate funding to ensure schools can accommodate according to AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) standards.
  • Make equity a pillar of public education by working with school boards to ensure recruitment practices reflect the diversity of Ontarians, update the curriculum to include content of anti-Black racism, 2SLGBTQA+ prejudice and other forms of discrimination.
  • Address the legacy of colonialism and residential schools by restoring funding to Indigenous curriculum, reforming child welfare and protection and implement the recommendation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are core pillars of OSPE. All Ontarians, including those from equity-deserving communities, need the full support of our government to be given economic dignity and social equality. No matter the elected government, OSPE will continue working toward an equitable engineering profession. 

Make sure to read the full Green Party of Ontario platform here for more details. OSPE will be summarizing election information as they are made available. Visit our Election 2022 page here

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