OSPE Advocates for the Value of Engineering in Ontario, Taking Calls to Action Straight to the OLA

On November 16th, OSPE CEO, Sandro Perruzza, and one of our Policy Leads, Andrea Carmona, brought the voices of engineers to the Ontario Legislative Assembly (OLA) when asked to speak on two Bills that affect the Ontario engineering community. The speeches focused on one key issue: impacting the need for effective and responsible regulation.

Bill 13, Supporting People and Business Act, was introduced to the OLA to reduce regulatory burdens on businesses while creating an opportunity for regulatory renovation. While OSPE supports this notion, the Bill overlooks the urgency in revising the Professional Engineers Act, and Sandro voiced these concerns on record.

“Ontario needs an effective and focused engineering regulator. Changes to the Professional Engineers Act will help get us there.”
– Sandro Perruzza, CEO

Citing the several external reviews and recommendations on the need for transformation at Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), Sandro Perruzza reiterated the recommendations OSPE has presented in the past, including:

  • Reducing Administrative Burden for Consulting Engineering Companies
  • Backstopping PEO Accountability
  • Eliminating Non-Regulatory member service programs

While our CEO was advocating for revisions to the Professional Engineers Act, our Policy Lead, Andrea Carmona, expressed OSPE’s support for Bill 27: Working for Workers Act which addresses two core recommendations that have been on our advocacy agenda for years. This bill would implement time limits for license application processing, which has negatively impacted international applicants, and the bill aims to eliminate the 12 months requirement for Canadian experience for licensure. Read our blog post on this move here.

“We urge the government to consider OSPE’s recommended changes to the Professional Engineers Act and holds PEO accountable to truly ensure that you are not leaving workers behind.” – Andrea Carmona, Policy Lead

Carmona steered the conversation to emphasize the multiple instances OSPE has urged the provincial government to stand with engineers. She outlined that without an effective licensing process free from discrimination, Ontario will continue to lose top engineering talent.

OSPE’s top priority is to advocate on issues of importance to the engineering profession at large. The provincial government was reminded that engineering regulation issues are a matter of public safety, economic prosperity, and innovation in all sectors.

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