OSPE’s advocacy wins: 2006-2010

Still not clear about what OSPE does to promote the interests of engineers? We’re taking a look back on 15 years of advocacy wins (see our last post on developments from 2000-2005). Below are some highlights from years 5-10 of OSPE’s history. When you are finished reading, take a look at highlights from 2000-2005 and 2011-today.

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
Members and MPPs at OSPE’s 2007 MPP Reception


2006: OSPE’s Political Action Network (PAN) is born
  • Grassroots initiative for volunteers to meet with their MPPs
  • Allows OSPE to influence policy makers at the provincial level and ensure OSPE’s messages reach every constituency in Ontario
  • Provides members with an opportunity to become engaged in advocating for the engineering profession
  • In 2012, PAN volunteers expand reach to include Ontario-based MPs and federal ministers with portfolios of interest to engineers
  • As of March 2014, 82 ridings have a PAN representative
2007: OSPE Creates Complaints and Discipline Task Force
  • OSPE advocates changes to PEO’s existing complaints and discipline process
  • Develops an information guide that remains a useful resource for understanding how the process unfolds/options available
2008: Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone Gives Opening Remarks at OSPE’s “Engineering in a Climate of Change” Symposium
  • One-day symposium attracts engineers, academics, and members; focused on global implications of climate change and opportunities that exist
  • Other speakers: Honourable Donna Cansfield, Minister of Natural Resources, Michael Monette, MBA, EDP, P.Eng., OSPE President and Chair, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Dr. Ronald Prinn, and the World Bank’s Paul Cadario
  • Breakout sessions on water management, drainage infrastructure, and financing for new engineering initiatives

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
Keynote speaker George Smitherman (Former cabinet minister and Toronto mayoral candidate) at OSPE’s second Climate Change Symposium in 2010.


2009: OSPE Receives Funding from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI) to offer Internationally Trained Engineers (ITEs) Exam Prep for Licensure


OSPE’s Energy Task Force Appears Before Standing Committee on General Governance
  • OSPE’s CEO Angela Shama appears before the Committee to discuss environmental objectives, economic growth, electrical distribution challenges, governance implications, and the role of the engineering profession
  • Several of OSPE’s recommendations were not incorporated into the Green Energy Act
  • “OSPE learned that to be more effective at advocacy in [the] future it had to present clear engineering and economic analysis that non-engineers could understand to support its recommendations.” – Paul Acchione, past OSPE Chair and Board member
2010: OSPE Publishes Survey on Working Conditions for Engineers
  • Spearheaded by WEAC, over 2,800 people with engineering degrees or P.Eng. designation surveyed across Canada about licensure, training, mentoring, “unwritten rules” in the workplace, retention, discrimination, taking a leave of absence
  • “The findings of the 2010 survey indicate that there are important differences in how individuals experience the engineering workplace based on gender, age and non-Canadian experience and qualifications.” – WEAC Chair Valerie Davidson
  • Over 80% of respondents indicated their workplace did not have formal policies to assist them in balancing non-work responsibilities (i.e. flexible hours, EI supplement for parental leave). However, where policies existed – for the most part – a majority agreed that there was a positive impact on women and on men
OSPE Appears Before the Senate Standing Committee on National Finance to discuss AECL’s Restructuring
  • OSPE approached by Society of Professional Engineers and Associates (SPEA) to assist with presentations to federal Minister of Natural Resources and the Senate Finance Committee on National Finance
  • Government was considering legislation to sell of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited’s (AECL) CANDU Power Division
  • OSPE and SPEA express concerns regarding the loss of intellectual property and nuclear experts; OSPE prepares submission to Minister Christian Paradis who oversees restructuring of AECL
  • Paul Acchione, P. Eng., Chair of OSPE’s Energy Task Force, appears before the Senate Standing Committee to discuss the implications of AECL’s restructuring
  • Government incorporates several of OSPE/SPEA’s recommendations in the final sale

Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
Engineers at an OSPE Policy Series event, which gave attendees exclusive access to a behind-the-scenes tour of Metrolinx’ Union Station revitalization project


OSPE’s Policy Series is Formally Established
  • After hosting dozens of panels, roundtables, and learning forums, the OSPE Policy Series is formally established as a quarterly discussion forum on engineering issues
  • Provides an opportunity for OSPE members and others in the engineering community to learn about key policy issues, tour innovative engineering facilities, and network with other professionals

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