OSPE’s Energy Task Force Publishes New Research on Net-Zero Electricity Options

Today, OSPE’s Energy Task Force is publishing new research on decarbonizing Ontario’s energy grid. Their latest report (Electricity Supply Mix Study: The Retail Price Impact of Net-Zero Supply Options) forecasts the costs of various supply mixes and recommends an economical way to achieve net-zero emissions by 2035.

This report examines different combinations of wind, solar, nuclear, pumped hydroelectric storage and battery energy storage systems. It also estimates the amounts of curtailed production, generation nameplate over-build and discarded thermal energy required for each supply mix.

The report concludes that the lowest cost net-zero supply mix that reliably serves the 2035 high demand load forecast is the 2021 Ontario supply mix with additional nuclear generation and a modest amount of pumped hydroelectric storage, with natural gas plants repurposed to supply reserve generation using renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel.

OSPE is committed to working with the Ontario government to modernize and decarbonize our province’s energy supply. Ontario’s economic well-being is linked to the reliability and cost-effectiveness of our energy systems, and we are pleased to put our members’ expertise to work in recommending energy solutions.

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