OSPE’s Long-Term COVID-19 Economic Recovery Recommendations

The Ontario and Canadian governments have been working hard to ensure the safety of Canadians, while also assessing the steps required to re-open the economy.

OSPE and the engineering profession’s commitment to safeguarding public interest is especially important in these uncertain times. Engineers have responded to the COVID-19 crisis by uniting to retool, pivot, and discover innovative solutions to this pandemic. We are proud to see engineers leading the way over the last few months.

As part of OSPE’s efforts, we have launched a COVID-19 Economic Recovery Working Group, whose purpose is to provide the Ontario and Canadian government with concrete and actionable recommendations for the immediate, short and long-term economic recovery of our province. This is an ongoing effort to determine the best ways engineers can help the province create sustainable wealth and jobs.

Like other professions, the engineering community has been severely impacted by the pandemic, as thousands of engineering jobs directly linked to the infrastructure, manufacturing, technology and research and innovation sectors have been lost. Key activities such as the development of technical designs, studies, planning, operations management, and construction have also ceased. This not only affects engineers and engineering graduates, but the entire Ontario economy, as engineers are a vital part of many sectors.

Engineering knowledge and talent is capable of leading Ontario’s industries into the future and will play an important role in the immediate, short and long-term economic recovery of our province. As such, the province must support the engineering community in rebuilding the engine that powers Ontario and the rest of the country.

To ensure readiness for future catastrophic events and build an economy that is strong and benefits all people, it is imperative that new government funding allocations benefit diverse, future generations by ensuring a targeted focus on building sustainability, investing in talent development and retention, and fostering innovation.

OSPE’s goal is to make sure engineers are always put in a position to thrive. Promoting public safety and the environment, while advancing a diverse and inclusive society must be reflected in government plans moving forward.

OSPE has presented the Ontario and Canadian governments key recommendations, pertaining to long term recommendations.

Read OSPE’s Long-Term Economic Recovery Recommendations to the Ontario Government

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