OSPE’s President responds to “Inspiring Innovation and Entrepreneurship within PEO’s Ottawa Chapter” viewpoint in Engineering Dimensions

Below is a Letter to the Editor that was submitted to Engineering Dimensions, PEO’s bimonthly magazine, on behalf of OSPE’s President & Chair, Michael Monette, P.Eng.

Regarding the article “Inspiring Innovation and Entrepreneurship within PEO’s Ottawa Chapter” in Engineering Dimensions September/October 2016 (page 38), I’m pleased to advise on how OSPE is serving our membership in this area.

Firstly, I’d encourage all readers to check out the resources OSPE has made available to our membership regarding entrepreneurship. You’ll find a growing set of links to resources available to all of our members, province-wide, addressing the topics identified in the article.

As a partner in the Ottawa activities expressed in the article, I’m pleased to say OSPE has established a business and operating model to bring to our membership networked resources, a framework for any interested chapters in engaging in local entrepreneurial networking events and linkages to academia, industry and government, not to mention colleagues and mentors.

Regarding organizational roles, the regulatory role of PEO and the advocacy role of OSPE, each organization optimized to their roles and mandates, clearly this entrepreneurial support role belongs to OSPE. It was good and appropriate for PEO to clearly and correctly identify its position, and this will in fact ensure we bring the right resources to support the entrepreneurial initiatives.  The ‘Two Sides of the Same Coin’ collateral further clarifies the roles of PEO and OSPE.

OSPE is pleased to engage with chapters, university or industry groups to ramp up the engagement of our members in fuelling the economic growth and success of Ontario. The Society will move an entrepreneurship agenda forward within our means and based on our strategic goals, with an interest in first and foremost serving those who support OSPE through active membership.

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