POLICY WIN – Ontario strikes a deal with Federal Government to bring $10 a day childcare to the province

The Ontario government has struck a deal with the Federal government to bring $10 a day childcare to the province.

On March 28th, Premier Doug Ford and Minister Stephen Lecce met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Federal Minister Karina Gould to sign a six-year agreement that brings the $10 childcare program to Ontario, making Ontario the final province to come to an official agreement. As of April 2022, Ontario childcare fees will drop  by up to 25 per cent with an additional reduction of 25 per cent scheduled for December of 2022. In September 2024, families will see further fee reductions, culminating in a final reduction to an average of $10-a-day child care by September 2025.

The plan is based on five pillars: improved affordability, improved access, sustaining high-quality services, inclusion, and enhanced data and reporting.

OSPE has advocated for the Ontario government to work with the Federal government to establish this deal within Ontario in an effort to advance the development of the Engineering Workforce.  Statistics Canada data has reveled that the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have disproportionately impacted women’s ability to work. A barrier preventing women from fully participating in the workforce is the lack of affordable childcare spaces, a problem exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic.

OSPE recognizes that policy driven by inclusion and social justice ultimately benefits economic growth and labour productivity. We are pleased Ontario has decided to capitalize on this opportunity to provide Ontario families the opportunity to participate in the workforce.

Read OSPE’s full Pre-Budget submission report advocating for Ontario engineers, workforce development, and economic prosperity.

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