The Liberal Party of Ontario releases its 2022 Election Platform

As the advocacy body for Ontario engineers, OSPE takes on the responsibility of analyzing party platforms for our members so informed voting decisions can happen. 

The Liberal Party of Ontario has released its official platform: A Place to Grow.  The plan is organized under several overarching themes, such as seniors, healthcare, economy, education & training, environment, and stronger communities. 

Here are some of the commitments the Liberal Party is looking to fulfill that are of interest to the engineering community.

Energy Sector 

If the Liberal Party of Ontario is elected, they are committing to:

  • Ban new natural gas plants and transition to a fully clean energy supply 
  • Create a methane performance standard and speed up the replacement of natural gas with clean energy
  • Develop a long-term energy plan to include a cost-effective mix of nuclear, hydroelectricity, and renewables
  • Update the Ontario Building Code so all new buildings and renovations are built to energy-efficiency and climate resiliency standards by 2025

Energy powers every aspect of the modern world and it is essential to have policies that support sustainability. OSPE members are experts and continue to provide solutions to leaders that position Ontario as a leader in sustainability and energy alternatives. We will continue advocating for the need to listen to engineering expertise when it comes to energy policy.

Job Creation

If elected, the Liberal Party of Ontario is committing to:

  • Create 25,000 green jobs by investing $9B over the next four years into a clean economy plan
  • Ongoing investments to create over 400,000 new jobs
  • Increase the flow of capital to small businesses to fuel economic recovery and job creation

Ontarians and engineers deserve good-paying jobs. The commitment to create jobs for Ontarians is necessary and OSPE is pleased the Liberal Party of Ontario took this into consideration. The new government must bring jobs to Ontarians and support individual and collective economic prosperity.

Manufacturing & Innovation

If elected, the Liberal Party of Ontario is committed to:

  • Bring more critical manufacturing capacity back to Ontario 
  • Invest in a robust domestic supply chain for vaccines and other biomanufacturing 
  • Invest in e-commerce, cybersecurity and innovation by investing and funding in programs designed to help small and medium-sized businesses go digital, prevent data breaches, and high-potential Ontario companies with a track record of innovation
  • Make Ontario a hotspot for electric battery vehicle manufacturing 

Innovation is a cornerstone of economic leadership. Engineers continue to innovate and bring solutions to the most complex issues, including COVID-19, the climate emergency, and powering our lives. Investing in innovation and manufacturing is a necessity that engages engineers to deliver their expertise and sets up Ontario for success.

Intellectual Property

The party is committed to: 

  • Modernizing Ontario’s outdated privacy, data, and intellectual property laws to better protect people’s personal information and keep businesses secure.

It is necessary to create a path for businesses to file and acquire IP on innovations to keep Ontario businesses open and competitive. OSPE believes that this will create opportunities for our businesses and entrepreneurs to excel.


If elected, the Liberal Party of Ontario commits to:

  • Ensure the Ring of Fire is developed in a sustainable, inclusive and environmentally conscious way – fully funding road access, facilitating the connection of First Nations communities to the provincial power grid, and entering into revenue sharing agreements with Indigenous communities. 
  • Support and empower Northern municipalities by rebating 5% of the provincial mining tax.

Engineers are key for the mining sector to flourish. Ontario should ensure proper funds are allocated towards research and development, as well as developing programs that focus on the alternative use of “waste streams” and “post-closure” assets to support environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Nuclear Energy 

The party is committed to: 

  • Develop a long-term energy plan to include a cost-effective mix of nuclear, hydroelectricity, and renewables

OSPE has long advocated for the development of nuclear energy. OSPE supports the development of SMRs because nuclear energy is an effective way to reduce atmospheric emissions, including greenhouse gases. A review of major industrial jurisdictions confirms that dependable low emission electricity can be produced affordably with any combination of nuclear energy and hydroelectricity for our base-load electricity requirements.


If elected, the Liberal Party of Ontario commits to:

  • Cut transit fares to $1 per ride until 2024
  • Stop Highway 413 and reinvest the savings in school repairs
  • Re-assess the Bradford Bypass
  • Reverse the selling of Ontario railways
  • Close major gaps in the transit networks in every region of Ontario

OSPE is pleased to see substantial commitments made to enhance the transportation sector within the province. Vehicles make up a huge percentage of our carbon emissions and offering reliable, affordable, and accessible public transportation is a great way to reduce gridlock on our roads. Read more about our thoughts on these promises here.

Addressing the Climate Crisis 

If elected, the Liberal Party of Ontario promises to:

  • Cut carbon and methane pollution by more than 50% by 2030
  • Require high emitting industries, which create up to 30% of Ontario’s total carbon pollution, to cut their emissions further by strengthening the Emissions Performance Standards
  • Divert and recycle 60% of waste from landfills by 2030, and 85% by 2050
  • Mandate climate risk reporting for public companies
  • Provide up to $9,500 in rebates on electric vehicles and charging equipment
  • Harness hydrogen power as an economic driver to help businesses get to net-zero and break into competitive markets
  • Provide 100,000 easy to access grants of up to $3,000 each year for people and businesses to make high-performance energy and climate resiliency retrofits, including new windows, insulation, heat pumps, and flood protection
  • Make retrofits to schools, hospitals, and other public sector buildings by 2025
  • Create zero-emissions mandates for medium and heavy-duty vehicles, like shipping trucks 

We are on the brink of a climate emergency. Ontario engineers have been raising their voices for our leaders to create policies that reflect the state we are in. The climate emergency will not wait for anyone and our leaders must take immediate action and listen to the voices of experts in order to reverse this emergency. 

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

If elected, the Liberal Party of Ontario is committing to:

  • Bring internationally trained professionals with the skills needed in Ontario
  • Support newcomers who want to become business owners
  • Help people with disabilities live independently by increasing ODSP, building supportive homes, and increasing accessible resources
  • Make sure women are treated fairly in the workforce and live safely by tackling the gender pay gap, lowering the cost of childcare, and providing free menstrual products in schools and libraries 
  • Act on 2SLGBTQ+ priorities by building inclusive housing, providing $20M

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a core pillar for OSPE. This engineering profession can have a bright future built on a foundation of equitable practice that needs the government’s support. OSPE has been advocating for the government to implement policies that support equity-deserving groups and is looking toward this election as a vehicle for change.

Make sure to read the full Liberal Party platform here for more details. OSPE will be summarizing election information as they are made available. Visit our Election 2022 page here.

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