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Bombardier Global 7500 Business Jet

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Bombardier 7500 Business JetDeveloped over the past decade and involving the work of over 2000 engineers from Bombardier, its suppliers, academic partners and technical consultants, Bombardier’s new Global 7500 aircraft is the world’s largest and longest-range business jet. Developed and built at Bombardier’s Toronto location, this achievement has had a significant impact on the Ontario aerospace sector involving a wide range of innovative expertise of Ontario engineers. The project required millions of person hours of engineering effort, using technologies developed through years of advanced research with Bombardier partners including the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies and Ryerson University. It involved coordination and collaboration of approximately 35 major structural and systems suppliers, requiring extensive engineering collaboration on a wide range of technical and integration challenges.

The Global 7500 is a game-changer for business jet design and boasts several industry-leading awards and innovations, including:

  • Precision engineered wings that deliver unprecedented stability for an exceptionally smooth ride (leveraging years of aerodynamics research with U of T and other institutions).
  • A nautical mile range of 7700 miles with a steep approach capability for challenging inter-city airports such as London City UK Airport on the Thames;
  • The only business jet with four distinct living spaces and a dedicated crew rest area.
  • Patented kinematic design and optimization for comfort and revolutionary deep recline of the Nuage seat (leveraging 18 months of kinematic/structures optimization research with Queen’s University).
  • A flight deck with next generation fly-by-wire technology that blends advanced avionics with exceptional ergonomics.
  • Recognized as Business Jet of the Year in Robb Report’s Best of the Best 2019.
  • Winner of the 2019 Aviation Week Grand Laureate Award, the 2018 Red Dot Award for Product Design, and the 2019 International Yacht & Aviation Award for Seating Design.

This program represents a significant employment opportunity for future generations of engineers, technicians and technologists. Bombardier’s establishment of an Ontario-based Global Centre of Excellence for the world-leading Global 7500, ensures Ontario engineers significant advantage in fulfilling a host of opportunities in this growing sector.

The flagship Global 7500 aircraft, like all aircraft in Bombardier’s unparalleled product portfolio, this unique jet offers the ultimate in design, performance and luxury, all with Bombardier’s signature smooth ride.

Setting the benchmark for the most exceptional cabin interior, the recently unveiled Soleil lighting system is the industry’s most advanced cabin lighting technology. Designed and developed exclusively for the Global 7500 aircraft, the innovative Soleil lighting system is aviation’s first circadian rhythm-based cabin lighting technology fully integrated with the Flight Management System, and it introduces the revolutionary Dynamic Daylight Simulation feature, to help combat jet lag.

The Global 7500 has an impressive long-range capability of 7,700 nm (14,260 km) at Mach 0.85 with eight passengers, and will fly non-stop from New York to Hong Kong, or Singapore to San Francisco, with a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.925.

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