We want your input for the 2021 OSPE Engineering Conference!

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OSPE is in the process of planning the first annual Engineering Conference to take place in spring of 2021. This full-day event will bring OSPE’s engineering community together with industry, academia and government to present and discuss the latest opportunities, challenges and innovations in engineering, and what must be done in Ontario and Canada to collaborate and share knowledge to ensure our country’s engineers, businesses and post-secondary institutions remain competitive.  

The conference will also offer OSPE members and non-members an opportunity to enhance their business, communications and personal branding skills through professional development sessions specifically catered to engineers.  

Before setting the agenda, OSPE wants to hear from you – what topics do you want to see covered at the first annual Engineering Conference? Please be as specific as possible (please see a list of potential topics and ideas below as examples).  

  1. What would you like to see in terms of presentations and discussions regarding the future of engineering in Ontario?  
  2. What sessions would be beneficial for you in terms of career services or professional development? 
  3. If YOU could present an idea for discussion or participate on a panel at the Ontario Engineering Conference, what topic would you discuss? Who else should be involved?  

Potential topics  


Energy – Smart Grids, Nuclear Power, Electricity, Hydrogen TechnologiesInfrastructure – Transit, Transportation, Electric, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Housing, Smart CitiesEnvironment – Climate Change, Water & Wastewater, Flooding, Green and Natural Infrastructure, Mining  

Research and Innovation 

Artificial IntelligenceAdvanced ManufacturingCyber SecurityAerospaceTech Start UpsEngineering Entrepreneurship, Product Commercialization, RoboticsWireless Communications and 5G NetworksBiomedicalNanotechnologyQuantum Technologies  

Diversity & Inclusion 

Supporting International Engineering Graduates (IEGs), Working with Indigenous Communities, Women in EngineeringIntersectionalityLGBTQ2+ issues   

Career Services & Professional Development  

Leadership & ManagementBusiness CommunicationsPersonal BrandingSector-Specific  


Compensation and employment opportunities in engineeringModernizing post-secondary engineering curriculumLicensure  

Leave your suggestions in the comments below OR email info@ospe.on.ca with ‘Conference Ideas’ in the subject. We can’t wait to hear from you!   

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  1. Mark Frayne

    Engineering education provides a solid technical foundation that we can continue to build upon. However, it fails in helping engineers develop their soft-skills.

    Would this conference provide an opportunity to focus on soft-skill development. A place to discover how to engage employees, acquire tools to support employees in connecting with their work, and foster discussions that will contribute to creating a more engaged workforce. The goal is to create a working environment where people can take positive action to further their personal advancement and contribute to the growth of the organization as a whole.

    Just a thought.

    1. STAFF

      Thanks for your feedback, Mark! We’ll take note of your suggestion.

  2. Darya Duma

    There should be some talks on project management. “Where it is going” perhaps and skills that engineers should build and maintain, relevance in PM standards, and some presentations on infrastructure projects. Perhaps OPG’s Darlington Refurbishment program or the Eglinton Cross-Town.

    1. STAFF

      Great ideas, Darya. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Marilyn Spink, P.Eng.

    There is a huge movement worldwide called “Engineers Declare” which is directly tied to the profession of engineering and our code of ethics to protect the public interest “aka Engineers provide an enhanced quality of life for a sustainable human existence on this planet” https://engineersdeclare.org.au/

    A conference engaging the profession in Canada/Ontario to step up our game would be appropriate. There are many leaders in Engineering profession focusing on Sustainability and who are accelerating the UN SDG’s? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQONuhOT-ME

    Happy to share my contacts.

    1. STAFF

      Thanks for sharing, Marilyn! This is a very interesting resource that I will be sure to share with the team.

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