Laurentian University’s Mining, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering Programs

Laurentian University
Laurentian University, The Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Architecture
Photo Credit: Laurentian University, 2015

This post was prepared by Laurentian University.

Laurentian University, located at the heart of Sudbury, offers three distinct full engineering programs: mining, chemical, and mechanical engineering. However, students in the mechanical engineering program have the option to specialize in mechatronics. That being said, the mining engineering program remains the most popular engineering program at Laurentian, given the size and importance of the mining industry in and around Sudbury. Since Laurentian is a considered a small university, students will sit in smaller classes and have a chance to meet and interact with their professors, which, in engineering, are part of the Laurentian Bharti School of Engineering. Students can also meet and interact with upper-year students, attend engineering conferences and, of course, make friends and have fun at different engineering events organized by LUESS, that is, the Laurentian University Engineering Student Society. The society organize events such as pancake mornings, film viewings, gaming tournaments, and dragon boat races. They also send teams to compete at the Ontario and Canadian Engineering competitions. In fact, last year, both teams representing Laurentian won the national competition! LUESS is open to all engineering students but students can join engineering clubs specific to their branch. There are also other groups, such as the Laurentian Baja club (who build a racing buggy), which are open to everyone. In the end, there is clubs for everyone to explore and share their interests, learn, and to apply their skills. For more information on the engineering degrees available at Laurentian, visit Don’t forget to check out LUESS’s website



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