Mark your calendars, save the date! Celebrate your profession at the 36th annual Hamilton-Halton Engineering Week Luncheon

Celebratory luncheons and formal galas are fixtures within most professional circles. Likewise, the annual Hamilton-Halton Engineering Week Luncheon has become a staple event on the local engineering community’s annual calendar.

Active for approximately 35-years, the Hamilton-Halton Engineering Week Co-ordinating Committee traces its roots to a local group of engineers, who in the early 1980s, saw the need for an event to recognize and celebrate the contributions made by engineers in the local Hamilton-Halton community. These pioneering engineers formed the Hamilton Engineering Institute (HEI), which later became the Hamilton Engineering Interface.  From these early days, the Hamilton-Halton Engineering Week Kick-off Luncheon was born.

Ron Scheckenberger, 2016 Chair of the Engineering Week Co-ordinating Committee, has been a dedicated Committee member for 30 years.
“One of the Committee’s strengths is its blend of both long-standing members – several of whom have been active on the Committee for 15-20+ years – with new members and new perspectives, including OSPE’s very own CEO Sandro Perruzza,” says Scheckenberger.

The Committee was one of the first entities in Ontario’s engineering community focused on celebrating and promoting the engineering profession to a broad audience through a luncheon and gala. It continues to use a tried-and-true formula to keep some 500 to 600 guests returning to the luncheon and about 100 to the gala, which Scheckenberger proudly notes, have become the largest and longest running events of their kind for the engineering profession in Ontario.


“The Engineering Week Luncheon and Gala not only promote leading engineers and engineering projects in the Hamilton-Halton community, but they also allow politicians, government officials, developers, lawyers and the public in general, to better understand the role and value of the engineering profession,” says Scheckenberger.

Nix Sensor Ltd. 2016 Award for Engineering Project of the Year in the Innovative Project Category for the Nix Colour Sensor

“We are able to generate interest and appreciation for the profession through our events, so as a sub-committee of OSPE, we are proud to do our part to advocate for the engineering profession in Ontario.”

Each year, the Committee, which strives to make its events as accessible as possible for aspiring engineers, devotes a portion of sponsorship from the annual luncheon towards subsidizing local engineering students’ attendance at this event and similar activities in the community that celebrate engineering throughout the year.

At the Engineering Week Luncheon and Gala, it has become a longstanding tradition to recognize the successes of local projects, engineers and companies that use their expertise and resources to benefit the community. Annually, the luncheon honours a nominated “Engineer of the Year,” and for the past six years, the Engineering Week Gala has honoured up to three “Projects of the Year.”

New-Alliance Ltd. 2013 Engineering Project of the Year Award Winner in the Civil Engineering Category for the Wilson Street Reconstruction and Gateway Design

This year’s luncheon will be taking place at the elegant Carmen’s Banquet Centre in Hamilton on Monday, October 17, 2016. Themed “City Building through Engineering”, Paul Johnson, Director, LRT Project Coordination, City Hamilton, will discuss the implementation of the $1-billion+ Light Rail Transit (LRT) project and its potential impact on the engineering profession, local businesses and the community as a whole.

Need not worry, come the fall the celebrations are just beginning. While you’re marking your calendars, don’t forget that the formal Hamilton-Halton Engineering Gala will be held on February 25, 2017, to coincide with National Engineering week.

Nominations Criteria

The awards for the “Engineer of the Year” and “Projects of the Year” respectively recognize individuals and works with a presence in and influence on the Hamilton-Halton community. The “Engineer of the Year” award is designed to allow both engineers with a robust body of work, as well as those in the early stages of their careers, to be considered for recognition for their unique and impactful contributions to the profession and community.

Nominees for “Project of the Year” can be from within any recognized engineering discipline and of any size, scale and budget within the categories of: private sector, public sector, large projects or small projects. Applications are judged based on a given project’s merits of engineering uniqueness, complexity, historical significance and/or contribution to the profession and community.

The application deadline for this year’s “Projects of the Year” awards is November 30, 2016.

Access the application form here.

Order tickets online for the Hamilton-Halton Engineering Week Luncheon here. Everyone is welcome to attend what is always a most entertaining, first-class event. We look forward to seeing you at this celebration of local engineering!


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