Five Reasons to Celebrate Women’s History Month with OSPE

Throughout history, Canadian women have not always received the attention and recognition that they deserve for their contributions to this nation. To address this, the federal government designated October as Women’s History Month in Canada.

This year, OSPE’s Women in Engineering Advocacy Champions Task Force (WE ACT) is lending its voice to this important conversation through our annual Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Fall Forum.

The It’s Time WE Act forum will recognize women in engineering, and in STEM more broadly, who have shaped our country and changed our lives for the better. Women like Elsie MacGill, Veena Rowat and Roberta Bondar are just a few examples of leading women who overcame challenges and have become inspiring role models.

Wondering if you should attend It’s Time WE Act?

History Month Forum

Here are 5 reasons you should join Ontario’s engineering community as we celebrate the contributions of women engineers throughout history.

1. A unique opportunity that comes once a year

Now in its 16th year, the Fall Forum is WE ACT’s signature event and the province’s most significant gathering for women in engineering and advocates for diversity in STEM.

For the first time ever, the forum will be held in our nation’s capital – a city boasting the highest concentration of engineers and scientists in North America.

2. Network with over 500 guests

Attending a conference of this magnitude means you’ll have the opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals, from all walks of life, and make amazing connections that you’d otherwise miss.

If you’re worried about attending a large-scale conference such as “It’s Time WE Act,” why not invite a friend or colleague? You can also encourage your male colleagues to attend and learn.

Pro tip: bring lots of business cards. To meet as many people as possible, sit with different groups of people throughout the day!

3. Find inspiration

Getting away from your day-to-day work life can have a positive effect on your productivity and creativity, especially if you’re in need of inspiration or want to regain your focus.

As you listen to our panel discussions, you’ll have the chance to learn from industry leaders from a range of sectors – including tech, transportation, aerospace and academia – while reflecting on your own career and goals.

Whether you’re a recent grad or are looking to climb the corporate ladder, our panelists and speakers will share their ideas and strategies to help you advance in your career.

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4. Invest in yourself

Although the thought of being away from the office while work and emails pile up might feel daunting, purchasing a ticket to “It’s Time WE Act” is actually an investment in yourself, your career and even your place of work.

The conference will explore a variety of topics, so you’ll learn things from outside your field or discipline. When you return to the office, you’ll bring back new ideas that you can share with colleagues, friends and family.

5. Have fun

Conferences are fun! Since “It’s Time WE Act” combines learning and networking, attending the forum is the perfect way to inject fun into your personal and professional development.

Our program includes an evening reception for guests to mix and mingle. You’ll also enjoy a thought-provoking photo-research exhibit by Eden Hennessey – a scholar who’s moving the dial when it comes to fighting sexism in STEM.

For all these reasons and more, join us in Ottawa as we celebrate women in engineering and in STEM who have helped pave the way towards equality throughout history.

While progress has been made, research conducted for OSPE’s Let’s Break Barriers project confirms that barriers, sexism and discrimination persist for women in STEM. “It’s Time WE Act” is therefore a call to action – a reminder that stakeholders must continue to honour women’s achievements and push for gender equity, diversity and inclusion in engineering and STEM.

Lend your voice to the conversation by using the hashtag #ItsTimeWeAct. For more information about “It’s Time WE Act,” click here.

This conference is guaranteed to sell out. Secure your spot by visiting our registration page.

To demonstrate your company’s commitment to supporting gender equity and diversity in engineering, check out our partnership opportunities.

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  1. Allison

    I attended the forum last year and it was amazing! I was so inspired by the speakers and made some great connections too. I’m just curious – why has the price changed so drastically from last year?

    1. STAFF

      Hi Allison – we’re so happy to hear that you enjoyed the fall forum last year! You ask a great question. The reason for the increase in price is primarily because the event has grown so significantly over the past few years. To better accommodate the large number of people who have expressed interest in participating in the event and its important discussions, we’ve needed to scale up the venue and other associated logistical items.

      To ensure, however, that our guests continue to enjoy an experience proportionate to the cost, we have also expanded our lineup of speakers, incorporated an additional exhibit and have organized both a plated lunch and an evening reception. To keep the event as accessible as possible for the largest audience, we’ve created a discounted rate for student tickets, as well as both member and non-member pricing. There are also a limited number of volunteer opportunities available through OSPE’s Ambassador Program, which would waive the cost to attend. ( We look very forward to bringing the forum to Ottawa, and we hope to see you there!

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