OSPE OPPORTUNITIES: Apply to be a Justice of the Peace

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) is searching for new Justices of the Peace, and being a trusted partner/stakeholder of the AGO, OSPE is calling on the engineering community to serve their

A Justice of the Peace is an independent judicial officer who presides in court over various proceedings under federal and provincial statutes. Contrary to popular belief, formal legal training is not a prerequisite. Given the distinct and unique realities of individual communities across Ontario, the Committee is especially committed to connecting with prospective candidates from diverse
communities, with particular emphasis on Indigenous communities. It is critical that all Ontarians see themselves reflected on the Bench.

Engineers hold a unique perspective, harbour a multi-disciplinary approach and have years of experience in protecting the public interest and OSPE believes this would make for a great candidate for Justices of the Peace.

The deadline for application is March 28th , 2022 at 11:59PM. For more information, visit the application website.

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