The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers Stands with the People of Ukraine

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is shocked and saddened by the recent events in Ukraine. OSPE condemns the violence in Eastern Europe and stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 

OSPE supports the measures implemented by the Canadian government, which include financial and economic sanctions on Russian officials and elites close to Putin’s government. We are also glad that the Ontario government has moved forward with support for the people of Ukraine. 

Ontario has announced monetary support that will be donated to the Canada-Ukraine Foundation in order to support humanitarian purposes, including providing medical aid, emergency shelter and food security in Ukraine. The Canada-Ukraine Foundation will ensure the donation will be used to provide assistance quickly and efficiently to people and families in need. Ontario will also be ready to assist anyone fleeing from Ukraine who is in need of settlement services. Settlement agencies will support newcomers and refugees to find housing, employment, health services and more when they arrive in Ontario. OSPE will also do our part to assist any of these newcomers who would like to obtain an engineering career and licence in Ontario.

OSPE is also proud to see all orders of government come together to ensure that our province and country does everything it can to support Ukrainians. We are proud of living in a country where democracy is strong, and the rule of law followed. 

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