What’s Happening in the World of Urban Transit Infrastructure?

The transit sector is on track for innovation, making significant advancements in materials engineering, connectivity and autonomous technologies. However, compared to the auto sector, there is typically much less advertising associated with the transit sector, so you may be less aware of the cutting-edge technologies that are propelling it’s rapid growth.


What makes the transit sector a technology leader? 

  • This sector is the leader in adopting alternative propulsion technologies: fuel cells, hybrid engines, natural gas engines and battery-powered propulsion.
  • These systems implement ground-breaking autonomous vehicle technology (driverless systems) such as those systems that move passengers between terminals at airports.
  • These systems are designed and maintained using sophisticated signalling and software technology that co-ordinate the operation of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of vehicles.
  • Manufacturers for this sector are leaders in applying new materials to achieve lighter body weights without sacrificing durability.

Did you know that Canada is stepping up to drive emissions down?

Both battery-powered and electric buses are in experimental operation across Canada:

  • Montreal started using electric buses in 2017.
  • Vancouver commenced its electric bus experiment in 2018.
  • In Ontario, various transit services are rolling out experimental use of electric buses.

Hybrid buses have been used by transportation systems across the globe for more than 10 years. Currently, a majority of electric buses in service are hybrid because they cost less and offer operational flexibility. There are now several thousand hybrid buses in operation across North America.

Urban transit stats

The Electric Bus Trial Project

The Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) is leading the Pan-Canadian Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration & Integration Trial.

The CUTRIC electric bus trial is part of a national coordinated effort to advance zero emissions technology by deploying 25 e-buses across Ontario. The project integrates at least seven transit systems across five or more electrical distribution jurisdictions.

The trial evaluates electric buses manufactured by two Canadian bus manufacturers: New Flyer Industries in Manitoba and Nova Bus from Quebec. The system uses interoperable opportunity charging systems with inverted pantograph technology that is open to all bus brands as well as other charger manufacturers. Click here for more insights on innovative technologies.

Want to learn more about innovation in the transit sector?

You can also enjoy Comprehensive Transit Project Reviews from Across North America at the upcoming 5th Annual Urban Transit Infrastructure Forum from April 30-May 1 in Toronto.

Urban Transit Infrastucture Forum

Canada’s east coast is home to hundreds of thousands of every day commuters. With Toronto alone being home to giants such as the TTC and MetroLinx, there are bound to be many projects, updates and concerns from the industry in this space.

As a proud partner of the Urban Transit Infrastructure Forum, join OSPE at this industry-leading event for more information on:

  • Updates from various projects, expansions and extensions across the country
  • Funding and delivery models, both traditional and alternative – their benefits and drawbacks
  • Long term regional plans

Get the latest information on expansions and extensions, project funding and delivery models, and much more from owners and project companies who are directly involved in planning, procurement and construction of rapid transit systems.

The Forum will also feature exciting new topics that are at the forefront of transit thinking:

  • Mobility as a Service: Competition or Silver Bullet for First/Last Mile Use
  • Maximizing the Potential of Data in Transit Planning
  • Revitalizing and Asset Management

Connect with OSPE as well as key industry influencers at this year’s 5th Annual Urban Transit Infrastructure forum. As an added bonus, The Canadian Institute has given OSPE members a 10% savings upon registration using the code D10-388-388BX08.

Visit http://bit.ly/UrbanEast for more information!

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